Sylvain Hirsch, président fondateur d'IP Twins
Sylvain Hirsch

Founder and President

Former French and EU trademark attorney, Sylvain has a degree in Law from the University of Strasbourg in France. He also has a MA in Medieval History from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Sylvain founded IP Twins in 2002 and IP Twins Asia in Hong Kong in 2017.


His motto is that behind every trademark, there is (at least one) domain. And that both trademarks and domains are, like the Roman god Janus, the two faces of the same company asset which should be protected and cultivated. He is dedicated to the highest quality of services.


As a member of APRAM, ECTA, PTMG, MARQUES, INTA and ICANN’s IPC, Sylvain has created an international network of strategic partnerships and leads the development of anti-counterfeiting services and online / offline brand protection.


He has a passion for Medieval History, early and baroque music, learning languages and traveling to Asia, particularly to China.

Hugues Chevalier


Hugues has a MSc Econ from the London School of Economics and a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Paris. After 7 years of economic research at the Swiss Institute of Technology, and 4 years at French macro-economic research center, Hugues worked as a Corporate Economist for the biggest automobile manufacturer in France. He has been very active in the French Economist Association (AFEDE) as President. He joined IP Twins in 2009.


With his economic and financial background, as CFO, he is in charge of planning and project and development.


During weekends, Hugues competes in swimming in his favorite 100m butterfly or 400m medley events, regularly bringing back medals to the office.

IP Lawyers & Account managers


IP Lawyer - Account Manager

Anatole holds master degrees in philosophy and private law from the University of Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne and in European and international IP law from the University of Strasbourg. He also spent one semester at the University of Liverpool on a student exchange, with the opportunity to focus on IP law in England.


Anatole joined IP Twins in July 2020, after having completed various internships at law firms specialised in intellectual property, as well as at the French authority for the protection of IP rights on the internet (HADOPI), and Agence France Presse.


When he is not at his desk, you can find him scoping out a climbing route, studying a chess board, or playing his guitar.


IP Lawyer - Account Manager

Arthur holds a diploma in Law from the University of East Anglia and graduated at the top of his class with a Masters in IP law and New Technologies from the University of Strasbourg. After several internships in boutique IP law firms as well as working at the French trademark attorneys company, he joined IP Twins in 2015.


As a senior account manager, Arthur handles large domain name portfolios and is also involved in the searches, watches and anti-counterfeit strategies. He is a member of APRAM, ECTA (in particular the Internet Committee), and INTA. He is also a Panelist at domain disputes arbitration centres.


His dynamism, his creativity at work and his good mood are contagious.



Account manager

Irfan holds a degree in New Technology and Communications from the University of East London.  He is also ITIL certified for IT Service Management. As a new member of the team, joining in March 2021, Irfan has over 20 years experience in domain name management and online brand protection. Prior to joining IP Twins, Irfan has worked for an international IP management company and various  domain registrars.


Adept at the management of large international brands, Irfan is committed to deliver excellent customer service, ensuring that all client expectations are met. He is mainly involved in searches and monitoring for online brand protection and domain name management. Irfan is fluent in English, Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi.


Outside the office, Irfan enjoys eating out and is also an avid cinephile. He also enjoys the odd casual game of cricket.


IP Lawyer - Consultant

Emmanuel holds a Ph.D. thesis, and master degrees in intellectual property (University of Montpellier I) and international arbitration (University of Versailles). He is qualified for the French bar (not registered). Before joining IP Twins in 2018, Emmanuel held an academic position at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Previously, he had organized an awareness campaign against counterfeiting in Hong Kong as a researcher within the European Union Academic Programme. Before joining the academic world, he had worked for nine years as an in-house counsel for a French domain name registrar. Emmanuel is a member of Comité Français de l’Arbitrage (CFA), International Trademark Association (INTA), and Intellectual Property Society of Australia and New Zealand (IPSANZ).


He created a blog on intellectual property and arbitration, which also contains a series called IP in Movies (


IP Lawyer - Account Manager

Marc-Antione Graduated from the University of Paris-Saclay (Master in IP and commercial law). After a position within the Havas Group, he spent two years in a French IP firm, then joined IP Twins in September 2017.

Marc-Antoine is a conscientious and precise account manager who handles domain name portfolios and online trademark protection cases.

When he's not at the office, Marc-Antoine is genuinely into sports: tennis, football, swimming, etc. He is also a cinephile, a travel lover, and a gourmet.


Account Manager

IP Twins benefits from the presence and work of Marco —one of our oldest employees— since 2006.


With his extensive experience of 13 years in the domain name industry, Marco is a talented account manager who has acquired and developed over the years excellent relationships with customers. He is also responsible for domain names renewals.


When he is not behind his keyboard, Marco travels and devotes himself to learning foreign languages. He speaks, to date, French, English, Spanish, Romanian, Hebrew, and has solid bases in Turkish.


Account Manager

Shu-Yu holds a dual Master's degree in public policy, one from Sciences Po Paris and the other from the University of Tokyo. He joins IP Twins in late 2019 after working in several public or international institutions in Taiwan, Paris, and Tokyo.


Dedicated to client services, Shu-Yu pays scrupulous attention to the details of his work as an account manager. He is mainly involved in searches, watches and anti-counterfeit strategies for online brand protection.


Passionate about gourmet delicacies of all kinds, he enjoys having his five meals a day. Outside of the office, he is also an avid reader and museum aficionado.


IP Lawyer - Account Manager

Tristan holds a degree in Law and in New Technologies from the University of Aix-Marseille. Before joining IP Twins in 2016, he worked for one of the biggest IP law firms in France in the domain and online brand protection division.


As a senior account manager, Tristan manages key client portfolios at IP Twins and regularly participates at ICANN and INTA meetings. He is also involved in the searches, watches and anti-counterfeit strategies.


He loves music and food and shares with his colleagues the latest news about the Parisian gourmet restaurants. In addition, he loves to cook.


IT & Administration


IT Manager







Michele holds a Ph.D in Medieval History from the University of Paris 1 with a thesis on socio-economic changes in late medieval Southern Italy. Before joining IP Twins, Michele has been customer relations officer for some luxury brands in Paris and teaching fellow in history at the University of Paris 1, as well as librarian at the Institute of Civilizations of the Collège de France.


Interested in deepening his knowledge in the domain name field and in the anti-counterfeit strategies, he deals with the administration thanks to its attention to detail and its critical thinking.


Outside the office, Michele is passionate about photography, cooking and good reads, not forgetting medieval history.

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