Counterfeiting: everything, everywhere

Counterfeiting affects all industries: food, pharmaceuticals, tobacco, cosmetics, clothing and accessories, automotive, electronics, electrical, mechanical, toys and games, and more. Counterfeiting is no longer just about big business. Counterfeiters increasingly target small and medium-sized businesses that have gained some degree of reputation in their field. Counterfeiting is everywhere online, and counterfeiters use every possible means to sell counterfeit products. They multiply marketing strategies. They impose their presence on B2B and B2C market platforms. They constantly come back to life with more convincing genuine-like websites and steal the identity of your brand on social networks and mobile apps. In short, they want to steal look like your brand identity, and divert your business revenues.

Constant Crackdown on Cybersquatting

Having generated USD 1.1 trillion in 2017, cybersquatting is non-stop as the domain name market offers unlimited registration possibilities. Cybersquatters are getting better at negotiating and using the legal loopholes. IP Twins has developed technologies and know-how to fight cybersquatting and protect your brands. At IP Twins, your contact is an IP/IT lawyer.

Your strategy

We develop individual strategies to fit your specific needs. For each relevant result, we can provide a detailed risk analysis together with recommendations for action to enable you to act rapidly and effectively against unauthorized use of your trademark.

Our expertise

Domain names

We identify registrations of domain names identical or similar to your trademark, in all domain name extensions, including new extensions. All alphabets are covered, including non-Latin (so-called IDNs) ones.

You receive a full report at the periodicity of your choice, with all necessary information including contacts, technical information, dates, time-stamped screenshots, etc.

Status monitoring

As it is useful to be able to track changes in a domain name’s status, we provide free, fully customizable monitoring of the status of said domain name, including change of owner, registration office, IP address or mail server, offers for sale of the name or expiry. We can also provide alerts as soon as a change occurs.

Web content

Our in-house software Detective identifies the use of your trademark on the Internet by unauthorized third parties. All conventional media are covered: press, forums, marketplaces, online sale sites, social media, logos, app stores, and geolocated commercial links.

We conduct monitoring of all main social media, over 140 marketplaces, as well as all results indexed by search engines worldwide and in all languages, according to your needs. Need more sources? Just ask!

Indexed web monitored

No to data dump!


We favor quality of results over quantity because it is better to have the right number of relevant results than an avalanche of unprocessed raw data. That is why our IP lawyer account managers systematically sort results into relevant and non-relevant categories, according to the defined strategy.

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