IP Twins is an accredited domain name registrar with ICANN and numerous ccTLDs and gTLDs registries. Our team can help you develop a domain name strategy and manage your portfolio centrally and proactively while reducing your costs. We make it a point of honor to offer a quality service, adapted to your needs.

Corporate domain names portfolio

Research and consultations

Rely on Identitool and Similaritool to perform accurate and relevant domain name searches from nearly 2,000 top level domains.

Portfolio Management

Adopt Domainarium! Our domain name management tool is intuitive and efficient and will simplify your life!


Missing a piece of the puzzle? IP Twins has developed the relevant technology and has cultivated the know-how to complete and enhance your domain portfolio.


IP Twins has created algorithms allowing you to acquire dropped domain names to add to your portfolio.

Anonymous purchases

With considerable expertise in negotiating the buy back of domain names, whether they have been registered legitimately or in bad faith, IP Twins completes all purchases anonymously to avoid price increases and uses trusted third parties to ensure the security of all transactions..


The domain name market offers cybersquatters more and more opportunities while they are getting better at negotiating and using the legal loopholes. This is why the IP Twins team is primarily composed of lawyers specializing in intellectual property and information technology law.

As such, we collect evidence and data necessary to advise and assist you at all stages of a domain name dispute, whether before courts or in ICANN proceedings. We can also represent you in ICANN proceedings.

SSL Certificates and Advanced Security

One site, one certificate

IP Twins provides security certificates tailored to your needs ensuring those visiting your site are safe.


IP Twins secures the authenticity of the DNS response thus avoiding DNS spoofing.

Register lock

IP Twins sets up the most stringent procedures, eliminating risks related to administrative and technical misuse of your domain names.


DNS Management

Security and stability

IP Twins relies on a network of servers located across all continents, which guarantees an uptime of more than 99,999% on the active services of your domain names.

Zone validation

To prevent any interruption of service, no change to the zone files of your domain names is possible if it is not technically valid.

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