SSL Certificates: Watch out for renewals

Microsoft’s IT managers faced a new cybersecurity issue.

For a few hours this Sunday, May 23, the Exchange administration portal was blocked. When users attempted to connect to the admin.exchange.com address, a warning message was displayed indicating that the connection was not secure.

Why? Microsoft forgot to renew an SSL certificate. Microsoft teams have been informed and have offered an alternative solution for its users.

This incident at Microsoft should not, however, call into question the importance of SSL certificates. Today, SSL certificates have become essential.

The SSL certificate provides encryption of the connection between the Internet user’s computer and the server. In other words, all data passing through this connection is protected. The HTTP connection becomes HTTPS and the password or banking information sent from the computer to the website will be protected.

Users are aware of the importante of SSL. The lack of a secure connection for an e-commerce site may rise some doubts in your visitors and affect the image of the site in general.

Also, search engines now favor sites with a certificate in its results. If SEO questions are important to you, the SSL certificate is therefore an essential solution.

There are several types of SSL certificates and at IPTWINS we provide security certificates perfectly adapted to your needs to ensure the safety of your website visitors.

And because Microsoft’s case is not the only one, you will also receive renewal alerts from us for each SSL to ensure continuity for your website.

See also: Because of the “Shutdown”, SSL certificates have not been renewed and some sites are no longer accessible, iptwins.com, 2019-01-15.



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