Press review on counterfeiting (October 2019)

IP Twins' monthly press review on counterfeiting

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Press review on counterfeiting (September 2019)



1. Carousell has announced a new anti-counterfeiting program: Carousell Rights Owners Program (Crop). globalcosmeticsnews.com, 2019-10.


2. In Sydney, a businesswoman was convicted of selling hundreds of counterfeit bags on Facebook. news.com.au, 2019-10.

3. The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries warns consumers about the existence of counterfeit spark plugs. motoring.com.au, 2019-10.


4. Large quantities of counterfeit TVs and cosmetics were found by police at a factory in Siddhirganj, Narayanganj. dhakatribune.com, 2019-10-03.


5. Customs seized more than 6,000 counterfeit goods in Dongguan. xinhuanet.com, 2019-10.

6. “We will have identical headphones to the Apple AirPods Pro available for sale very soon, probably in two or three days,” said a merchant who sells electronics in Shenzhen and online via the platform WeChat. todayonline.com, 2019-10.

Costa Rica

7. The Ministry of Health has informed the population of the presence of “Colgate” brand counterfeits in Panama and in the territory of Costa Rica. After analysis, the counterfeits include diethylene glycol, harmful to health. thecostaricanews.com, 2019-10-11. – securingindustry.com, 2019-10. – globalcosmeticsnews.com, 2019-10.


8. The authorities dismantled a network of counterfeiters who were acting in particular in the port of Piraeus. During an operation, a large volume of counterfeit clothing and sports shoes were seized. The goods, which came from China, were resold on social networks. This article also offers a presentation of Greece against counterfeiting. thenationalherald.com, 2019-10-28.


9. Counterfeit watches were seized in the Kalbadevi stores. thehindu.com, 2019-10.


10. In Nairobi, an anti-counterfeiting team discovered various counterfeit goods: toiletries, polish, drinks, toys and books. The article particularly insists on the poor quality of books. nation.co.ke, 2019-10.


11. Customs are intensifying the fight against counterfeiting. neweralive.na, 2019-10-10.


12. The National Intellectual Property Rights Committee destroyed counterfeit goods at a destruction ceremony in Quezon City. newsinfo.inquirer.net, 2019-10.

13. The government destroyed $ 1 billion worth of machines to manufacture illegal cigarettes, including counterfeit cigarettes. news.mb.com.ph, 2019-10-02.

Porto Rico

14. San Juan port officials intercepted a shipment containing 1,072 counterfeit batteries for the auto industry. The Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (United States) is concerned about the increase in counterfeiting in the automotive sector. Freightwaves.com, 2019-10.

South Africa

15. During several operations, various counterfeit goods were seized in Johannesburg (condoms, cigarettes, erectile dysfunction pills, skin lightening creams, light bulbs, shoe polish, sanitary napkins, sports shoes). News24.com, 2019-10-13 – News24.com, 2019-10-13thesouthafrican.com, 2019-10-17.

16. Counterfeiting remains a major challenge for multinational brands seeking to legitimately penetrate the African market, but anti-counterfeiting laws and measures are gaining ground in Africa. engineeringnews.co.za, 2019-10-18.

17. In Cape Town, counterfeit sports articles were seized. fin24.com, 2019-10-12.

United Kingdom

18. A large amount of illegal tobacco, including counterfeit tobacco, was found in Plymouth. plymouthherald.co.uk, 2019-10.

19. In Manchester, the authorities stopped the trade of a person who sold counterfeits on Facebook. More than 720 clothing and accessories from 59 brands were found in his home. The defendant supplied himself in Manchester, but also in Turkey. She was sentenced to various pecuniary penalties for a total of £ 2,678. Manchestereveningnews.co.uk, 2019-10.

20. The Liverpool Crown Court sentenced a man to a suspended prison sentence for playing a leading role in the distribution of counterfeit clothing and shoes. The investigation revealed that the accused imported goods from China and then affixed labels. liverpoolecho.co.uk, 2019-10.

United States

21. A few days before Halloween, the authorities warned against the presence of counterfeit contact lenses in the United States, which were shown to contain bacteria and could be contaminated with lead and other toxins. Wlbt.com, 2019-10-17thv11.com, 2019-10-11.

22. 14,800 pairs of shoes falsely labeled “Nike” were seized in California. The counterfeits came from China. latimes.com, 2019-10-09. Latimes.com, 2019-10-19nbclosangeles.com, 2019-10.

23. The authorities warn about the presence, on American soil, of counterfeit water filters (Brita, GE, Frigidaire, PUR and NSF brands are concerned). realsimple.com, 2019-10. – lbpost.com, 2019-10.

24. The Chinese national who had organized a scam to import counterfeit iPhone phones from Hong Kong to obtain a profit from Apple’s customer service was sentenced to more than three years. Oregonlive.com, 2019-10. – bgr.com, 2019-10-23.

25. In Indiana, boxes of counterfeit Juul vaping products were discovered and confiscated in a shop. The goods were confiscated as well as the invoices, in the hope of identifying the source of the counterfeit. theindianalawyer.com, 2019-10-14.

26. In New York, a man was arrested after the discovery in his apartment of a large number of counterfeits. nydailynews.com, 2019-10-15.

27. In New York, a man was arrested for importing unbranded shoes from China (so far so good) to stamp them “Timberland” and “UGG” and resell them, suggesting that the goods came from owner of the mark. nypost.com/2019-10-29. – complex.com, 2019-10.

28. Avery Products Corporation won a judicial victory against counterfeiters who sold counterfeit products to Amazon. yahoo.com, 2019-10.

29. Portable vacuum cleaners with false UL symbols suggesting they meet US safety standards are sold online, UL says. securingindustry.com, 2019-10.

30. The group owns the North Face and Vans brands suing eBay for counterfeiting. bloomberglaw.com, 2019-10.

31. Epic Games Inc. (owner of Fortnite) is suing several foreign entities based in China and other countries for selling or attempting to sell counterfeits on Amazon.com. bloomberglaw.com, 2019-10.


32. The International Air Transport Association is concerned about the lack of consideration given to counterfeit lithium batteries. engineeringnews.co.za, 2019-10-23.

33. Not surprisingly, the counterfeiting of vinyl records available on market platforms and social networks is confirmed. digitalmusicnews.com, 2019-10-22.

34. As part of Operation HYGIEA, European and Asian customs authorities seized thousands of goods of all kinds. eureporter.co, 2019-10-09.

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