Press review on counterfeiting (September 2019)

IP Twins' monthly press review on counterfeiting


1. The governmental anti-counterfeiting committee is about to sign a memorandum of understanding with the European Chamber of Commerce (Eurocham) to fight the import, production and distribution of counterfeits in the kingdom. – phnompenhpost.com, 2019-09-10.

Cambodia and Thailand

2. The Cambodian and Thai authorities jointly organized a workshop on the fight against counterfeiting, a workshop titled “Workshop for Thai Companies in Cambodia on Combating Counterfeiting” held on September 19 in Phnom Penh. – phnompenhpost.com, 2019-09-22businesstimes.cn, 2019-09-23.


3. Japanese toy maker Bandai has awarded decorations to Shanghai police, including a limited edition gold-plated Unicorn Gundam figurine, for dismantling a network of counterfeits. In August 2019, police discovered more than one million fake toys worth nearly 300 million yuan. Bandai’s toys were among these counterfeits. – globaltimes.cn, 2019-09-09.

4. Shanghai police have arrested 25 suspected suspects involved in the production and sale of counterfeit toys (BANDAI, Megahouse and Nintendo). – xinhuanet.com, 2019-09-09.

5. More than 106 million counterfeit and / or contraband cigarettes were seized in the border areas of Yunnan Province in the first half of 2019. – xinhuanet.com, 2019-09-04.

6. In Shanxi Province, Chinese police seized 2,300 crates of counterfeit cigarettes. 38 suspects were arrested. Police destroyed a production base and warehouses. – xinhuanet.com, 2019-09-09.

7. In Shanxi Province, following a complaint, condom manufacturer Okamoto discovered unhealthy counterfeits requiring antibiotic treatment. According to press reports, counterfeits from Durex and Okamoto have been sold in supermarkets, hotels and vending machines. – globaltimes.cn, 2019-09-03.

8. In Liaoning Province, Customs seized 75 pairs of shoes suspected of being counterfeit (Nike, Adidas and Fila). – xinhuanet.com, 2019-09-14.


9. In the Eure, a fake merchant was selling counterfeit goods on the market. An investigation is opened. – actu.fr, 2019-09-10.

10. In the Lunel region, the authorities seized hundreds of counterfeit goods and materials used to make these goods. – francebleu.fr, 2019-09-19.

11. In Pontarlier, a man was arrested with counterfeit goods (watches, shoes, luxury leather goods: Gucci, Armani, Nike). The defendant would have provided himself on the Internet. Customs intervened. The individual was fined 3,000 euros. – francebleu.fr, 2019-09-11.

12. A person involved in the sale of counterfeit goods appeared in Arras Criminal Court for selling, between 2015 and 2018, thousands of items imitating luxury brands. The counterfeits were imported from China and resold on Facebook. The prosecutor’s office requested a ten-month suspended sentence. Customs reportedly asked for a large fine. lavoixdunord.fr, 2019-09-11. – aisnenouvelle.fr, 2019-09-11.


13. After a few weeks of investigation, the Directorate General of Competition and Consumer Affairs (DGCC) reveals that several baby bottles Chicco brand and Avent marketed in Gabon are counterfeit. – gabonreview.com, 2019-09-21.


14. The trial of the alleged perpetrators of the counterfeit Ashura tea is being held in the Mafanco Criminal Court. – guineematin.com, 2019-09-25.

Hong Kong

15. Hong Kong Customs conducted an operation against the sale of counterfeit goods at a fair held at AsiaWorld-Expo. They seized jewelry. – insideretail.hk, 2019-09-20.

16. Customs seized about 12,000 pairs of allegedly counterfeit sports shoes on Monday, with an estimated market value of about $ 1 million. The goods were in a 15-meter long container from Guangdong Province destined for the Dominican Republic. – insideretail.hk, 2019-09-11.

17. Customs has dismantled a counterfeit network. About 2600 leather goods were seized. Two people were arrested. – retailnews.asia,2019-09-16.


18. The authorities consider themselves disarmed in the face of the extent of counterfeiting. – deccanherald.com, 2019-09-01.

19. The Delhi High Court issued an order in favor of Titan against watch sellers presented as counterfeits sold on Snapdeal. – thehindu.com, 2019-09-11. – thehindu.com, 2019-09-11. – indiatimes.com, 2019-09-11.

20. In Pune, seizure of detergents and counterfeit cosmetics. The accused was alleged to have been transferring liquids to containers or packages bearing markings. – hindustantimes.com, 2019-09-23. – timesofindia.indiatimes.com, 2019-09-24.

21. Casio has launched an anti-counterfeiting campaign with the support of police authorities in several cities: New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Coimbatore, Chennai, Kolkata, Vadodara and Bhopal. Large quantities of counterfeit watches and calculators were seized during raids. . – outlookindia.com, 2019-09-06.

Ivory Coast

22. The Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers in French-speaking Sub-Saharan Africa (Lipa) was created to fight against fake medicines that “kill and deliver unfair competition” in a market of 1.5 billion dollars per year in French-speaking sub-Saharan Africa. – adiac-congo.com, 2019-09-23. – journalducameroun.com, 2019-09-20. – aip.ci, 2019-09-21.


23. Salux, the Japanese manufacturer of toiletries, reports on counterfeiting on market platforms and social networks. – securingindustry.com, 2019-09-24.


24. In Mombasa, anti-counterfeiting authorities have destroyed counterfeit goods (electrical breakers, shoes, clothing). – standardmedia.co.ke, 2019-09-09.


25. Kuwait will launch a campaign against counterfeit goods. – xinhuanet.com, 2019-09-11. – arabtimesonline.com, 2019-09.


26. Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari said the temporary closure of land borders has already reduced counterfeiting and smuggling. – xinhuanet.com, 2019-09-21.


27. The Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) is proposing legislation that will keep online platforms and shopping centers responsible for the sale of counterfeit goods. – bworldonline.com, 2019-09-26.

28. In Davao, authorities are warning consumers of alleged contraband and counterfeit products containing high levels of mercury and lead sold in several stores. These include: whitening creams for the skin (Erna, Jiaoli and S’Zitang) and lipsticks (MAC, Vivaglam, Dermacol and April Skin). – davaotoday.com, 2019-09-13.

29. According to the Philippine Intellectual Property Office, the value of counterfeit goods seized by the government reached almost 14 billion pesetas between January and July, not counting cigarettes and alcohol-based products. – philstar.com, 2019-09-24.

30. In a statement released on Saturday, the Philippine Intellectual Property Office (IPOPHL) said that foreclosures made during the first half of the year equate to nearly 60% of the total by 2018. – bworldonline.com, 2019-09-22.

Saudi Arabia

31. Since the beginning of the year, 9,148 counterfeit products have been confiscated in Abu Dhabi. – gulfnews.com, 2019-09-01.

South Africa

32. In Fordsburg, police and other security forces seized counterfeit goods at the Dragon City Mall. More than 15 people were arrested during the operation. – ewn.co.za, 2019-09-11. – ewn.co.za, 2019-09-11. – iol.co.za, 2019-09-11. – iol.co.za, 2019-09-11. – all4women.co.za, 2019-09-11.

33. President Cyril Ramaphosa promised that the government would curb the import of counterfeit goods. – businessinsider.co.za, 2019-09-20.

34. The Korean government has seized a total of 11.3 million counterfeit items in the last 10 years (2010-2919). Counterfeit goods continue to be illegally traded online and offline. The most seized items are cosmetics, foods, medicines and bags. – businesskorea.co.kr, 2019-09-24.


35. The Spanish company Altosa is under investigation for shipping millions of liters of counterfeit liquor to European countries. – securingindustry.com, 2019-09-19.


36. The Ministry of Commerce has announced that more than 10 million counterfeit items seized by the authorities will be destroyed in Samut Prakan. At the same time, the IP department announced that it has blocked 1,200 websites selling counterfeit goods since last year. In the first five months of 2019, 2,574 people were arrested. – bangkokpost.com, 2019-09-13.

United Kingdom

37. Football: The Premier League has reported seizing more than 160,000 counterfeit items worth more than £ 5m in the UK during the 2018-19 campaign. – sportspromedia.com, 2019-09-04.

38. In Manchester, touted as the “counterfeit capital” of the UK, authorities raided and seized large quantities of counterfeit goods. – manchestereveningnews.co.uk, 2019-09-13. – bbc.com, 2019-09-13.

39. An operation to combat the sale of illicit and counterfeit tobacco in Stafford resulted in the seizure of 3,280 cigarettes and 6,950 grams of hand-rolling tobacco. Since the beginning of the year, the Staffordshire County Council team has discovered approximately 1,200,000 illegal cigarettes and 12 kg of illegal tobacco with an estimated market value of £ 369,000. – staffordshirenewsroom.co.uk, 2019-09-20.

40. In the Birmingham area, the authorities have seized dangerous counterfeit perfumes (YSL, Giorgio Armani, Thierry Mugler and Dior). birminghammail.co.uk, 2019-09-27.

41. In Northern Ireland, a man sold counterfeit shoes and clothing (Nike, Ugg, Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors) in a furniture store. He was sentenced to a suspended sentence. – fermanaghherald.com, 2019-09-27.

42. A disguise company fined £ 65,000 for counterfeit suits (Superwoman, Snow White, Supergirl, Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter, Batman, etc.). Counterfeits were also sold on Etsy. – wessexfm.com, 2019-09-10.

43. The owner of a shop that sold counterfeit tobacco was fined nearly £ 2,000. – wigantoday.net, 2019-09-28.

United Arab Emirates

44. Seizure of counterfeit spare parts for motorcyclists. – uniindia.com, 2019-09-11.

United States

45. An individual from Wisconsin is accused of leading the manufacture of thousands of counterfeit vape cartridges: between 3,000 and 5,000 cartridges a day, priced at $ 16 each, for two years. The authorities seized the cartridges, the equipment used to make them, firearms and 20,000 USD. – jsonline.com, 2019-09-10wbur.org, 2019-09-13. – nbcnews.com, 2019-09-25.

46. A Las Vegas businessman pleaded guilty to counterfeiting electronic products (screens, chargers, mobile phone components, etc.) in front of a San Diego judge. The products included the brands Apple and Samsung. – sandiegouniontribune.com, 2019-09-05securingindustry.com, 2019-09-08. – patch.com, 2019-09-08.

47. In Florida, in Palm Beach County, two people were arrested for selling counterfeit goods (luxury items: Rolex, Cartiers, Hublots and Richard Milles). They realized the sales notably via the Letsgo application. – miamiherald.com, 2019-09-19.

48. In Idaho, a man pleaded guilty to forgery. He sold cell phones and counterfeit accessories (Apple and Samsung) including Amazon and eBay, according to court records. Counterfeit goods were imported from China and Hong Kong. – idahonews.com, 2019-09-27. – securingindustry.com, 2019-09-28.

49. In Philadelphia, 500 cartons of counterfeit electronic cigarettes were seized (Eonsmoke and VGOD brands). The goods came from Hong Kong. As a reminder, in April customs officers seized more than 1,000 Juul counterfeit cartridges in the port of Philadelphia. – phillyvoice.com, 2019-09-18.

50. In Illinois, a Bolingbrook man was arrested and charged with selling counterfeit sports and toys (MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, Majestic, Adidas, Nike and Lego). The defendant sold the counterfeit goods in part on eBay. – patch.com, 2019-09-14. – wjol.com, 2019-09-13.

51. In the New York area, meat wholesalers have used fake “USDA” logos on poor quality cuts. – nypost.com, 2019-09-24.

52. In New York, the authorities carried out an anti-counterfeiting operation in Chinatown. Large volumes of counterfeit goods were seized (including the Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Supreme, Coach, Dior and Michael Kors brands). – nypost.com, 2019-09-14.

53. California Governor Gavin Newsom attacks counterfeit electronic cigarettes. – nbcnews.com, 2019-09-17.

54. As part of the WorldFest, the authorities intervened to seize counterfeit goods. – wlky.com, 2019-09-03.

55. Long Island investigators hunt counterfeit counterfeit electronic cigarettes and cartridges. – newsday.com, 2019-09-26.

56. In California, the cosmetics company founded by Anastasia Soare sues unidentified people for counterfeiting that allegedly occurred on OffUp.com. – nbclosangeles.com, 2019-09-04.

57. In California, Los Angeles customs officials said they intercepted a shipment of 28 NBA championship rings, counterfeits. – upi.com, 2019-09-12

58. In Texas, the authorities carried out an operation in a shop selling counterfeit products of the brand JUUL, from China. – timesrecordnews.com, 2019-09-16.

59. In Kentucky, several shipments of counterfeit jewelery were seized. – instoremag.com, 2019-09-28.

60. Ariana Grande assign Forever 21 for counterfeiting. – news-24.fr, 2019-09.


61. An article sounds the alarm about counterfeit seat belts (more exactly, harnesses) for sports cars. Counterfeit and poor quality harnesses are available on the Internet. – whichcar.com.au, 2019-09-24. – thedrive.com, 2019-09-24.

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