Press review on counterfeiting (August 2019)

IP Twins



1. Dozen of boxes containing counterfeit drinks (Martini) have been discovered. – Cameroon-tribune.cm, 2019-08-07. –Ecomatin.net, 2019-08-14.


2. A shopkeeper who sold counterfeit bags and clothing (Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Celine, Givenchy) in a Toronto area home could be ordered to pay damages to the manufacturers. – 660citynews.com, 2019-08-12 –  cbc.ca, 2019-08-12.


3. The authorities seized a warehouse containing large volumes of counterfeit cosmetics (nearly 12,000 products). Last year, a seizure of similar products had occurred; the goods were resold on social networks. – gulfnews.com, 2019-08-27.


4. Police seized counterfeit iPhones sold on the streets – leprogres.fr, 2019-08-14.

5. In the south of France, authorities have dismantled counterfeit clothing trafficking. – midilibre.fr, 2019-08-18.

6. Anti-counterfeiting operations have been carried out in several establishments on the Vendée coast. – Ouest-france.fr, 2019-08-15.

7. Counterfeit sportswear and accessories were found in a car in Normandy. The defendant was sentenced to three months of suspended imprisonment. – Actu.fr, 2019-08-14.

8. Customs officers made seizures in some tourist places in the south of France. 600 counterfeit goods were confiscated (electronic equipment, sportswear, games and toys). – France3-regions.francetvinfo.fr, 2019-08-22.

9. Rapper Niska reacts to the counterfeiting of his clothing brand “CHARO”. – 13or-du-hiphop.fr, 2019-08-02.


10. Several press articles describe the success of Porsche’s anti-counterfeiting team. In 2018, 200,000 counterfeit products were seized, including 33,000 spare parts (hubcaps, air filters, rims, airbags, brake discs, etc.). However, the products are very varied (cap, sunglasses, hats, etc.). The anti-counterfeiting team has even found drugs presented as intended to improve erectile dysfunction. The Internet channel is widely used by counterfeit sellers (in particular Amazon, eBay and Alibaba). Another channel is trade fairs, including Hong Kong and Stuttgart. – jalopnik.com, 2019-08-06.


11. The Delhi High Court awards Titan provisional measures against the sale of counterfeit watches on Snapdeal. – thehindubusinessline.com,2019-08-01.

12. The Indian Association of Authentication Solutions Providers (ASPA) claims that counterfeiting is costing India 1,000,000 rupees a year. – theweek.in, 2019-08-12.


13. According to the Director General of the ARTEC (Regulatory Authority for Communication Technologies), more than 30% of the smartphones used in Madagascar are counterfeits. – Koolsaina.com, 2019-08-02.


14. Raja Casablanca (football) warns against the counterfeiting of its derivatives. – sport.le360.ma, 2019-08-20.


15. Senate interim President Ralph Recto said the government should tackle counterfeit pharmaceuticals more firmly. Recall that in June 2019, the Food and Drug Administration banned online sales sites Lazada and Shoppee from selling drugs without licenses. – rappler.com, 2019-08-12.


16. Two people were arrested for importing $ 800,000 worth of fake perfumes and counterfeit cosmetics (16,000 products). – theonlinecitizen.com, 2019-08-20channelnewsasia.com, 2019-08-20straitstimes.com, 2019-08-20.

South Africa

17. Counterfeit goods and weapons were confiscated during the raid of the police in Johannesburg. timeslive.co.za, 2019-08-07. – news24.com, 2019-08-23 ewn.co.za, 2019-08.

South Africa

18. Cape Town police confiscated counterfeit goods at a Port Elizabeth store (telephone accessories). – news24.com, 2019-08-14.


19. The national police arrested six individuals involved in the trafficking of counterfeit goods. – Abc.es, 2019-08-29.

United Kingdom

20. In Salisbury, police seized a large quantity of counterfeit goods (clothing, handbags, shoes, accessories and jewelery, cigarettes, earphones and perfumes). A 20-year-old was arrested. – salisburyjournal.co.uk, 2019-08-07.

21. A hundred counterfeit items were seized from Thamesmead’s home (Nike, Adidas, The North Face, Armani and Stone Island clothing, Gucci, Chanel and Ray-Ban sunglasses). – newsshopper.co.uk, 2019-08-08.

22. An individual from Penarth has been found guilty of selling dangerous cosmetics, counterfeit goods and jewelery that do not meet the safety requirements. Counterfeits were sold online, including on eBay. – penarthtimes.co.uk, 2019-08-16.

United States

23. A pastor was arrested for detaining 3,200 counterfeit bracelets (Cartier) that were found… in the church. – securingindustry.com, 2019-08-04abc11.com, 2019-08-03.

24. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) points to online market platforms, including Amazon, AliExpress and eBay. According to the RIAA, a large proportion of the CDs sold on these platforms are counterfeits. – forbes.com, 2019-08-17.

25. Book publishers are worried about the increase in counterfeits for sale on market platforms, especially on Amazon.com. The counterfeit books are presented as being of very poor quality. Amazon defends itself by claiming to have spent more than $ 400 million in personnel and technology to protect its customers against fraud, including counterfeiting. Amazon adds that it collaborates with several publishers to help fight against counterfeiting. – retailwire.com, 2019-08-20. – Bfmtv.com, 2019-08-02

26. 5,300 counterfeit goods (Gucci, Nike, Louis Vuitton, Samsung, Hermes, Casio, Fendi) were seized at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The goods came from Hong Kong. – foxnews.com, 2019-08-14.

27. The federal authorities in Philadelphia seized 4,449 counterfeit smartphones (Asus and LG). –philadelphia.cbslocal.com, 2019-08-05

28. UL (Underwriters Laboratories) warns about the proliferation of counterfeit fire alarms and heat bulbs – prnewswire.com, 2019-08-30

29. A man is accused of selling counterfeit goods (Yeti brand) in a fair. 1600 products were seized. – mysanantonio.com, 2019-08-27.

30. Phoenix police announced that it had arrested an individual accused of selling counterfeit goods. The expertise confirmed that the goods were counterfeit. – abc15.com, 2019-08-01.