EUIPO / Europol report on counterfeiting: focus on organized crime

The cooperation between the European Intellectual Property Office and Europol resulted in the publication of a new report on the evolution of intellectual property crime (EUIPO and Europol, Intellectual Property Crime Threat Assessment 2019). The authors of the report recall the consequences of counterfeiting on economic, health and environmental grounds.

From the outset, OEUPI and Europol highlight the level of sophistication criminal groups managed to reach in terms of organization, commercial means, and logistical techniques. The report confirms that counterfeiters often use complex commercial routes to transport their goods. In this regard, the authors focus on several trends, including electronic commerce.

Indeed, the growth of sales of counterfeit goods on the Internet is a continuing trend. Counterfeiters use all the means at their disposal to promote their goods, in particular social networks, e-commerce platforms and online advertising, the latter giving them additional revenues. In addition, all means are good to minimize the risks of identification, forcing investigators to redouble their efforts. However, despite resorting to many subterfuges to avoid being spotted, Europol agents regularly kick in the anthill. The report refers to the Aphrodite operation which, in Italy, resulted in the closure of an online marketplace and the launching of legal proceedings against some 100 individuals. Reference is also made to “In our sites (IOS) IX”, which resulted in the seizure of 20,520 domain names for activities related to the counterfeiting and arrest of 12 individuals.

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