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1. More than 455,000 products seized in 2018 by the Algerian Customs. The majority of counterfeit goods came from China, with 323,432 products. Other countries of origin are mainly Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, and Turkey. The goods most affected are sporting goods, textile products, telephone accessories, electrical appliances, and watches. A public testing and quality control laboratory for local and imported industrial products marketed in Algeria has been put into operation. – aps.dz, 2019-04-27.


2. Representatives of ASEAN authorities met in Manila to exchange best practices to combat the trade in counterfeit goods. Discussions focused on e-commerce models, survey and intelligence gathering techniques, as well as IP enforcement measures, particularly in the digital environment. The event was held with the collaboration of ARISE Plus.- euipoeuf.eu, 2019-04-25.


3. An extensive network of production and distribution of counterfeit medicines has been dismantled. At least ten were placed in preventive detention. The operation took place in a border town between Bolivia and Peru.


4. Counterfeiting is developing in Cameroon. According to a lawyer specializing in intellectual property law and OAPI accredited, 95% of imported beverages and wines consumed in Cameroon are counterfeit. A report of the Ministry of Finance published in 2017 estimates that counterfeiting and smuggling have lost 100 billion FCFA to the state. – koaci.com, 2019-04-05.

5. The counterfeiting of electrical equipment worries Schneider Electric, who would be the main victim. – camer.be, 2019-04ecomatin.net, 2019-04.


6. With regard to respect for intellectual property, relations between the United States and Canada are improving. However, the United States remains concerned about the low level of protection at the border and online. – lemetropolitain.com, 2019-04-25.


7. Chinese authorities have dismantled a group suspected of making and selling counterfeit LEGOs worth around $ 30 million. Four suspects have been arrested. More than 90 molds and 630,000 finished products were seized. – xinhuanet.com, 2019-04-27.

8. Companies guilty of manufacturing or selling counterfeit vaccines may be fined 15 to 30 times the value of the products in question, up to a limit of 30 million yuan ($ 4.5 million) .- caixinglobal.com, 2019-04-22.

9. Hubei. Nearly 200 tons of counterfeit goods have been destroyed by the authorities: sports shoes; alcohols; car parts, etc. – news.cgtn.com, 2019-04-28.


10. A check in La Jonquera (Spain) resulted in the seizure of counterfeit goods at Perthus (France): clothing, shoes, and bags. – la-clau.net, 2019-04-05. –  la-clau.net, 2019-04-05.


11. 600 thousand layers for children were destroyed in Owendo. According to the Directorate-General for Competition and Consumer Affairs, they represented a danger for children. – gabonreview.com, 2019-04-09.


12. Athens police have announced that they have arrested a former professional footballer found in possession of counterfeit goods. – ekathimerini.com, 2019-04-09.


13. The counterfeit fabrics of Chinese origin have caused the disappearance of 25,000 jobs in the textile sector (30,000 in the 1980s against 5,000 in 2019). A testimony: “That comes from China! You see the shirt I’m wearing and you see that fabric? They took over our product, reduced the size of the pattern, they played with the colors. And they sell it, and they make so much money! (…)“. The counterfeit fabric today represents 70% of the textiles sold in Guinea. The government plans to combat counterfeiting through taxation, exempting local textile manufacturers from VAT. – rfi.fr, 2019-04-08.


14. The United States warns India against its growing problem of counterfeit medicines. The article refers to the “Special 301 Report 2018”. – odishabytes.com, 2019-04-27; odishabytes.com, 2019-04-27; theprint.in, 2019-04-27; uniindia.com, 2019-04-16.

Ivory Coast

15. The National Anti-Counterfeiting Committee has seized a large quantity of edible oil unsuitable for consumption. 2084 cans of 25 liters of Mink brand oil. Investigations continue. – fratmat.info, 2019-04-09.


16. The Police Division for Combating Terrorism and Organized Crime destroyed a large volume of counterfeit goods, including shoes (98,000 pairs valued at $ 294 million), clothing (15,171 pieces valued at $ 27 million) and handbags (11,339 pieces valued at $ 9 million) .- jamaica-gleaner.com, 2019-04-25.


17. In an undercover operation, anti-counterfeiting agency inspectors raided seven mobile phone shops in downtown Nairobi and seized 213 counterfeit phones and more than a thousand ‘accessories. Seven were arrested. Suspects face up to five years’ imprisonment or a fine of at least three times the value of the property or both. In the case of a second offense, the term of imprisonment may be up to 15 years and the fine up to five times the value of the property. – the-star.co.ke, 2019-04-18.


18. A thousand pairs of counterfeit shoes were seized in Paris. The goods were found in a workshop where they were transformed. Among the brands concerned, the authorities discovered imitations including Nike, Fila, and Balenciaga shoes. Counterfeits had been discovered in a van. The authorities continued the investigation by carrying out a search of the suspect’s home. The material needed for the counterfeit was in the housing. – leparisien.fr, 2019-04-05.

19. An article summarizes five major seizures of counterfeit goods in France between 2014 and 2018. – sudouest.fr, 2019-04-03.

20. Nearly 70 police and customs officers raided in a Yvelines market. They seized the equivalent of three vans full of counterfeit goods. Three were placed in police custody. The operation followed couriers emanating from traders. – actu.fr, 2019-04-06.

21. In Paris, customs seized more than 245,000 bottles of counterfeit perfumes. – sudouest.fr, 2019-04-03.

22. A seller of counterfeit goods wounded a disgruntled customer with a firearm. The attacker was arrested. – leparisien.fr, 2019-04-05.


23. In Fez, as part of an effort to combat counterfeiting and ensure user safety, authorities seized more than 7,000 brake pads and 1,200 drive belts. – huffpostmaghreb.com, 2019-04-05.

24. CropLife Maroc, the professional association representing the plant protection industry, is worried about counterfeiting in the agricultural sector. Counterfeiting and smuggling would represent 15% of the total market for agricultural pesticides. – lavieeco.com, 2019-05-04.

Mozambique and Uganda

25. Hewlett-Packard has jointly conducted two operations to combat counterfeit ink cartridges in Uganda and Mozambique. In total, HP has seized more than 100,000 cartridges. – busiweek.com, 2019-04-02.


26. In Manila, the police destroyed a large volume of counterfeit goods in the presence of, among others, the director of the Philippine Intellectual Property Office, Mrs. Josephine Santiago. – sunstar.com.ph, 2019-04-12.

South Africa

27. Authorities in Gauteng have destroyed counterfeit garments seized and confiscated during operations in August 2018 and January 2019. – news24.com, 2019-04-30.


28. In Malaga, 22 were arrested by the police during an anti-counterfeiting operation. 5,500 goods were seized. – lavanguardia.com, 2019-04-03.

29. In Tenerife, 39 people were arrested for alleged involvement in a counterfeit network (sportswear, watchmaking, and perfume, etc.). – eldiario.es, 2019-04-01.

30. A coordinated operation by the Spanish police and Europol resulted in the arrest of 27 people involved in a counterfeit tobacco production and distribution network. More than one million packets of tobacco have been seized. – 20minutos.es, 2019-04-11.

31. In Valencia, 200,000 counterfeit goods were seized in five warehouses. Six establishments were used to distribute the goods. The investigation resulted in the arrest of 51 people. – elperiodic.com, 2019-04-24.

United Arab Emirates

32. Danfoss’ intellectual property team has officially thanked local authorities for their effective efforts to fight counterfeiting – coolingpost.com, 2019-04-16.

United States

33. In a class action for failing to disclose a regulatory risk under China’s counterfeit laws, Alibaba announced plans to compensate its shareholders for $ 250 million. – caixinglobal.com, 2019-04-30.

34. Two Chinese nationals are accused of organizing a scam of handing over Apple brand counterfeit phones (several hundred) against original phones. The scam is estimated at nearly 900,000 USD. The two men claim that they have the counterfeit character of the phones they sent for repair. – news.sky.com, 2019-04-08; nydailynews.com, 2019-04-07; sbj.net, 2019-04-08.

35. California. A man was charged with importing counterfeit cell phone parts (Apple, Samsung, Nokia brands) for $ 72 million. The accused incurs 50 years in prison. – ccenterdispatch.com, 2019-04-17.

36. California. After a six-month investigation, the authorities conducted a number of operations that led to a massive crackdown on counterfeiting. – losangeles.cbslocal.com, 2019-04-12.

37. California. Two Chinese nationals living in Covina are accused of importing (from Hong Kong and mainland China) and selling counterfeit goods (Ray-Ban and Pandora brands). A total of 13 charges are filed in a federal court in the state of Maryland. If convicted, the defendants face a heavy prison sentence. – justice.gov, 2019-04-24.

38. Georgia. One man pleaded guilty to importing and distributing counterfeit car parts (Chevrolet, Cadillac, GMC, Dodge and Ford brand hub caps). Counterfeits were imported from China by post. Sales transactions were conducted on eBay. The investigators discovered the offense by making test purchases and infiltrating the company. The financial analysis of the PayPal information indicates that the defendant had made approximately $ 475 million in transactions over a four-month period in 2017 and had transferred approximately $ 688,000 from PayPal to his private bank account. The accused is sentenced to a maximum of ten years’ imprisonment, $ 2 million and a probationary release of up to three years. – securingindustry.com, 2019-04-02; wsbtv.com, 2019-04-02.

39. Minnesota. Customs and border protection officers seized more than $ 700,000 worth of counterfeit electronic goods at the border with Canada. – kfgo.com, 2019-04-17. – cbs3duluth.com, 2019-04-24.

40. New Jersey. World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has obtained an order prohibiting the distribution and sale of counterfeit goods bearing the name “WWE”. – 411mania.com, 2019-04-18.

41. New Jersey. Customs seized more than a thousand counterfeit refills from the electronic cigarette brand “Juul”. The package was from China to Delaware. – phillyvoice.com, 2019-04-17.

42. North Carolina. Authorities seized around $ 75,000 in counterfeit clothing and accessories (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Adidas, Nike Gucci, Burberry). No charges have yet been filed, said the sheriff’s office. – greensboro.com, 2019-04-19.

43. Oregon. A man pleaded guilty to having imported (from China) and sold online (on GunBroker.com and eBay) counterfeit rifle glasses. – koin.com, 2019-04-18.

44. South Carolina. Counterfeit items were found in a Broadway at the Beach store (Nike, Michael Jordan, Hello Kitty, Marvel Comic’s heroes) .- wmbfnews.com, 2019-04-26.

45. Texas. – Two men were arrested in Houston on suspicion of being major distributors of counterfeit luxury goods (including Louis Vuitton, Micheal Kors, Gucci, Chanel, Burberry, Rolex). Thousands of wallets, watches, bags and counterfeit garments were seized in a warehouse. The two men have reportedly received more than 3,000 shipments from China since 2014, valued at more than $ 14 million. – abc13.com, 2019-04-04.

46. Virginia. Customs at Dulles International Airport in Washington seized 450 counterfeit accessories (Gucci, Chanel, LV Supreme, Y-3 Adidas, and Louis Vuitton brands). The goods came from China and Hong Kong. – foxbaltimore.com, 2019-04-04.


47. The United States added China’s third largest e-commerce platform to its list of “notorious markets” for intellectual property rights violations, namely Pinduoduo.com. – reuters.com, 2019-04-25; ft.com, 2019-04-26.

48. Alibaba remains on the US government’s annual list of “known markets” for counterfeiting. – apnews.com, 2019-04-25.

49.The pressure has never been so great in the staffs of major pharmaceutical companies. Counterfeit medicines do not weaken. On the contrary. In five years, the number of incidents has increased by 60%, according to the Pharmaceutical Security Institute (PSI), an international watch organization of the sector. The traffic of fake medicines is estimated at 200 billion dollars, against 75 billion in 2006 “(…). – lefigaro.fr, 2019-04-24.

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