Memorandum of the White House on the Fight Against Counterfeit and Piracy Goods

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The White House has issued a memorandum on the fight against counterfeiting. Président Trump plans to step up the government’s efforts in the fight against online counterfeiting. He plays on a more coordinated approach of the federal government, the institutions concerned and all the actors:

Third-party intermediaries, including online third-party marketplaces, carriers, customs brokers, payment providers, vendors, and others involved in international transactions, can all be beneficial partners in combating trafficking in counterfeit and pirated goods.  In order to build on cooperative efforts that are already underway with such partners, a coordinated approach by the Federal Government, including its law enforcement agencies, and private industry is needed” (Section 1-e).

The White House gives 210 days to the concerned federal agencies to submit a report with the following objectives:

(i) Analysis of all the available data that could improve knowledge of the mechanisms that allow or facilitate counterfeiting. The results of the report could be used as a basis for any administrative, regulatory, legislative or policy changes.

ii) The evaluation of existing policies and procedures of intermediaries (Internet platforms, distributors, carriers, etc.) and federal contractors to establish a system to detect and avoid counterfeit electronic parts.

(iii) Recommend changes to the organizations’ data collection practices.

(iv) Identify administrative, legislative or regulatory changes and address the practices of counterfeiters including the shipping, fulfillment and payment logistics, and assess ways to mitigate factors facilitating the trafficking of counterfeit and piracy goods.

(v) Identify appropriate guidance agencies can provide to intermediaries to help prevent the import and sale of counterfeit and piracy goods.

(vi) Identify appropriate administrative, regulatory, legislative, or policy changes that would enable agencies, as appropriate, to more effectively share information regarding counterfeit and pirated goods.

(vii) Evaluate the current and future resource needs of agencies and make appropriate recommendations for more effective detection, interdiction, investigation, and prosecution regarding trafficking in counterfeit and pirated goods, including trafficking through online third-party marketplaces and other third-party intermediaries. These recommendations should include suggestions for increasing the use of effective technologies and expanding collaboration with third-party intermediaries, intellectual property rights holders, and other stakeholders.

(viii) Identify areas of collaboration between the Department of Justice and the United States Department of Homeland Security to counter the trafficking of counterfeit and piracy goods.

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