Technology as a threat

As the digital economy expands your business worldwide, it opens doors to brand abusers as well. "The growing role of technology and online trade shapes the new dynamics within this crime area. Almost every stage of organized criminal activity can be increasingly influenced by technological developments”  (Europol and EUIPO, 2017 report).

Protecting your trademark online is our specialty. We are the only registration office founded by a former Intellectual Property Attorney and our account managers are all intellectual property lawyers and Internet experts. We take specific and targeted steps to ensure that your trademark is fully protected online.

Our expertise


IP Twins has created algorithms that allow you to acquire a non-renewed domain name to value it or to enhance your portfolio.

Anonymous purchases

IP Twins can make anonymous purchases on your behalf. Whether it is to check the legitimacy of a product sold online or to purchase an important domain name for your company, we can intervene to facilitate the procedures. We communicate anonymously to avoid price increases and use trusted third parties to ensure the security of our transactions.


The domain name market offers cybersquatters more and more opportunities. And they are getting better at negotiating and using the legal loopholes. This is why the IP Twins team is mainly composed of lawyers specializing in trademark law and information technology law. As such, we collect the evidence and data needed to advise and assist you at all stages of a domain name dispute, whether before courts or in ICANN proceedings. We can also represent you in ICANN proceedings.

Our goal: no counterfeit

Active protection

We have set up active partnerships with the major social media and marketplaces to enable us to defend you against unauthorized use of your trademark. This allows us to act quickly and effectively to eliminate infringement and protect your customers.

Action follow-up

We have also developed an action follow-up tool to enable you to monitor the stages and upcoming actions in procedures concerning your trademark on the net. This tool allows you to envisage the necessary steps for the optimum protection of your trademark on the Internet.

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