Counterfeiting: Amazon Anticipates Increased Judicial Risk

On January 31, 2019, Amazon delivered its annual report to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). After referring to a possible amendment of the US law on the liability of Internet intermediaries, Amazon acknowledged that it could be held liable for the activity of its users, particularly for counterfeiting: “The law relating to the liability…


Fighting online counterfeits: a China and India 2018 case law review

Join us at the webinar “Fighting online counterfeits: a China and India 2018 case law review”, Monday, February 18, 2019, 09:30 AM Europe/Paris. China and India have 650 and 475 million Internet users respectively. Although the part of e-commerce in the economy is relatively small, the growth curves are prodigious. Unsurprisingly, this trend comes with…


cnDRP: Blablacar.com.cn transferred while Blablacar.cn rejected, why?

With 800 million Internet users, China is the largest market. It is imperative to file its trademarks in China and register domain names aimed at the Chinese market at the same time as the brand is created. Trademarks and domain names must be matched as twins both in the country of origin and in foreign…


EUIPO to finally tackle cyberquatting issues

Back in 2016, IP Twins released a communication on the increase of cybersquatting of trademark applications before the European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). Indeed, EUIPO currently publishes trademark applications as soon as they are filed. Cybersquatters only have to scan the EUIPO website for new application and automatically register the corresponding .COM domains in seconds,…


Panorama of Japanese domain names

IP Twins will be in Kobe, Japan, at the ICANN 64 meeting, which will be held from March 9-14, 2019. This is an opportunity to spotlight the Land of the Rising Sun. The Japanese ecosystem of domain names is at the forefront. At the beginning of 2018, the number of .JP domain names exceeded 1.5 million,…


.EU: Brexit calendar in case of a no deal scenario. Our advice

EURid, the .EU registry, has timed out two scenarios: in case of a no deal (Scenario 1) and in the event of an agreement between Great Britain and the European Union (Scenario 2). The latter would not start before 31 December 2020. The political context gives Scenario 1 an urgency that requires vigilance and anticipation….


Brexit: what solutions for British owners of .EU domain names?

Read the update: “.EU: Brexit calendar in the case of a no deal scenario. Our advices”, iptwins.com, 28 January 2019 The massive rejection of the Brexit draft agreement by the British parliament is embarrassing many British companies. The issue of eligibility for certain top-level domains is one of many others. When the United Kingdom (UK)…


« Yellow Vests » and French National Debate: the race for domain names

To answer to growing concerns raised by the “Yellow Vests” movement, the French government launched a national debate on a vast number of topics. A website was also launched to set up events, list them and participate, under the domain name granddebat.fr (“great debate”). The domain was registered by the National Public Debate Commission on…


Phishing: stay alert!

No, Air France or Futuroscope do not offer free tickets via the WhatsApp phone application. Last weekend, many users of the application have received fraudulent messages appearing to come from these companies. The catch is the same: “Air France offers free tickets to all to celebrate his birthday” or “Futuroscope giving 5 free tickets to 500…


Because of the “Shutdown”, SSL certificates have not been renewed and some sites are no longer accessible

In the United States, given the “shutdown”, the US administration did not consider the renewal of SSL certificates (Secure Socket Layer) as a priority. As a result, many government sites (defined by the .GOV top-level domain) are no longer accessible. This is particularly the case of several sites of the judicial administration. SSL certificates secure communications between…


.INC: launch postponed, update your calendar!

Originally scheduled for January 16, 2019, the launch of .INC is postponed until March 27, 2019. Eligibility “to be eligible to submit a Registration Request in the Sunrise Period, a Sunrise Applicant must be the registrant of a corresponding TMCH entry and the domain name sought must correspond to the entire eligible text of one…


Attack on WeTransfer: beware of malwares!

Our Online Brand Protection service reports a new large-scale attack on the electronic documents transfer specialist WeTransfer. We have identified that emails similar to those of WeTransfer are currently being mass-mailed, with a download link very similar to the URLs used by WeTransfer: The attack works in a very simple way: hackers simply registered the…


The sunrise period for the new gTLD .DEV starts on January 16, 2019

Google Registry recently announced the upcoming availability of the .DEV top-level domain. 1 Sunrise Period: January 16, 2019 – February 19, 2019 Sunrise period where trademark holders who have submitted their trademark to the Trademark Clearinghouse can register .dev domains. Sunrise for .dev. This means if you are a trademark owner and your trademark has been submitted…


Get prepared: the .inc sunrise period is soon

IMPORTANT: Originally scheduled for January 16, 2019, the launch of .INC is postponed until March 27, 2019. See the updated calendar here. Eligibility “to be eligible to submit a Registration Request in the Sunrise Period, a Sunrise Applicant must be the registrant of a corresponding TMCH entry and the domain name sought must correspond to…


Press Review on Counterfeiting (December 2018)

Argentina FMC QUIMICA S.A. has reported having detected in Santa Fe, Córdoba and Salta counterfeit of its insecticide “Coragen” (agrofy.com.ar, 12 Dec. 2018). Australia Toyota counterfeit auto parts have been seized, including brake pads that do not meet the safety requirements. A Toyota employee said: “If you buy online and it’s not from an authorized…


China: Parliament plans stronger penalties for infringement of intellectual property rights

The Chinese parliament is considering a law that would allow punitive damages in tort cases. This long-awaited bill specifically targets infringements of intellectual property rights. If an intellectual property right is intentionally violated and the circumstances are considered “serious”, the owner of the intellectual property rights will be in a position to claim punitive damages….


.be adopt a new procedure for domain name deactivation

Since the 1st of December, a new procedure has been implemented in partnership by the Belgian Registry DNS Belgium and the Federal Public Service Economy (FPS Economy). This procedure allows FPS Economy to seek the deactivation of a .be domain name used in relation to fraudulent websites or Phishing activities. According to the procedure set…


Did Deadpool Register Avengers’ Domain Names in Bad Faith?

If by chance it came to the idea of Marvel fans to visit the website that is designated by the domain AvengersEndgame.com, they would not see Stan Lee’s work showing Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, Dr. Stephen Strange, Black Panther or other superheroes, but the unexpected anti-hero Deadpool! The AvengersEndgame.com domain name…