Taiwan: .台灣 (.xn--kpry57d) allows the registration of ASCII domain names

.台灣 is a Top Level Domain (TLD or extension) using traditional Chinese characters that are translated in « Taiwan ».  Previously, only IDN domains, using Chinese characters on the second level (eg. 例子.台灣), could be registered under this extension. From the 18th of February 2020, domain names in ASCII characters (a-z, 0-9 and -) will be available…


Blocking websites selling fake watches in France : the harassing fight against counterfeiting

Groupe Richemont, hand in hand with some of the brands that compose it (Cartier, Mont-Blanc, Officine Panerai, Vacheron Constantin, Piaget, and IWC Schaffhausen), had identified websites selling watches on which their brands were affixed without their consent, namely contrefaconmontre.com, repliquefrance.com, and repliquemontre.cn. Groupe Richemont sued Orange, Bouygues Telecom, SFR and Free for interim measures before…


Generic domain names: a challenge for competition law

Domain names are originally a technical shortcut, hiding the IP address of a website server to make it easily and quickly accessible. Easily memorable names have replaced inconvenient series of numbers. Nowadays however, domain names have become genuine identifiers, and distinctive signs in the same way as trademarks. Yet, bringing closer the legal principles applicable…


The post-Brexit effects on domain names

The United Kingdom left the European Union at midnight January 31, 2020 (CET). The United Kingdom and the European Union have entered a period of transition. This period will last at least until December 31, 2020. During this period, residents and citizens of the United Kingdom can hold and register a .eu domain name (EURid.eu,…


Africa: foreign direct investment, trademarks and domain names

The management of international trademark and domain name portfolios is closely linked to investments made by companies, including those made abroad. Investments imply, in many cases, a commercial presence on the host territory, which must imperatively be accompanied by trademark and domain name registrations at the national level and, where appropriate, at the regional level….


United States: around twenty priority measures to combat counterfeiting

On April 3, 2019, the White House had published a memorandum on the fight against counterfeiting (iptwins.com, 2019-04-05), in which it asked the heads of the federal agencies concerned to submit a report with the following objectives : (i) Analysis of all the available data that could improve knowledge of the mechanisms that allow or…


weleakinfo.com domain name seized by the American authorities

The FBI and the United States Department of Justice announced that they had seized the domain name weleakinfo.com, which was supplying, for a small fee, a search engine intended to acquire personal data obtained illegally. Two people were reportedly arrested in the Netherlands and Northern Ireland (Justice.gov, 2020-01-16).


.GAY: Sunrise period from February 10 to March 31

Top Level Design announced the opening of the .GAY TLD. The sunrise period will run from February 10 to March 31, 2020, while the opening to the public is set for May 11, 2020. By offering .GAY, Top Level Design aims to guarantee a safe space for the LGBT community. The registry assures in particular…


UDRP: stevejobs.com, transferred 20 years after registration

The year 2019 was marked by the transfer of several domain names identical to the names of celebrities, in particular kingofpop.com (iptwins.com, 2019-07-11), pabloescobar.com (iptwins.com, 2019-10-16) and mandela.org (iptwins.com, 2019-07-27). Stevejobs.com (NAF FA1909001861755, Steve Jobs Archive, LLC v. Jongsubkim, December 11, 2019, transfer) should be added to this list. This domain name was registered in…


15 years imprisonment for doitforstate.com

A few months ago, we told the story of Mr. Adams who wished to obtain the domain name doitforstate.com at all costs, and hired Mr. Hopkins whose mission was to compel the domain name holder to transfer the domain to Mr. Adams, under the threat of a firearm. A scenario worthy of a bad thriller…


Press review on counterfeiting (November 2019)

IP Twins To Brexit or to Party ? Geographical identifiers and UDRP requirements: a landmark case (D2019-1758, visitqatar.com) European Union: launch of domain names in Greek (.eu and .eю) United States: contributory trademark infringement. The Luxottica case Press Cambodia 1. Cambodian police have destroyed several thousand bottles of fake Penfold and other alcoholic beverages. thenewdaily.com.au,…


France : Ministerial Ordinance to Strengthen Trademark Protection

Editor’s note: below is a non official translation of the report published by the French government. The French Minister of Economy and Finance has issued an ordinance on trademarks. This ordinance, taken on the basis of Article 201 of Law No 2019-486 of 22 May 2019 on the growth and transformation of companies, transposes into…


To Brexit or to Party ?

The Brexit Party, the eurosceptic party led by Nigel Farage, has been founded on the 23 of November 2018 and became active in January 2019 (source: wikipedia.org et companieshouse.gov.uk). The domain name thebrexitparty.org, associated with the main website of said party, has been registered on the 20 of January 2019. On the 26 of October…


European Union: launch of domain names in Greek (.eu and .eю)

In 2016, Eurid, the registry of the European ccTLDs, created the .eю (.eu in Cyrillic), recalling that the Old Continent takes its name from the Princess Europe, a character of Greek mythology. Since November 14, 2019, citizens of the European Union can register domain names in Cyrillic, under the two extensions of the European Union: .eu…


United States: contributory trademark infringement. The Luxottica case

Luxottica Group, S.p.A. and its subsidiary Oakley, Inc. (hereinafter, “Luxottica”) manufacture and sell luxury eyewear (Ray-Ban and Oakley among other brands). Luxottica sued Mini Mall Airport LLC (in College Park, Georgia) and its owners and managers for infringement of its Ray-Ban and Oakley trademarks. Previously, police operations had found that many tenants offered counterfeit eyewear…


Press review on counterfeiting (October 2019)

IP Twins Online counterfeiting: Cdiscount cannot be held liable .BANK and .INSURANCE: fTLD on governance principles UDRP: pabloescobar.com, transferred 20 years after its registration .BOND : sunrise period starts on 17 October 2019 .EU: opening to European expatriates New gTLD: .NEW is coming! Domain Names: the top level domains of the fashion industry Press review…