IP Twins is an accredited domain name registrar with ICANN and numerous ccTLDs and gTLDs registries. Our team will help you protect your brand in the new TLDs and can assist you through the application to your very own extension.

Protect your brand in the new gTLDs

TradeMark ClearingHouse

IP Twins is a TMCH accredited agent. Rely on us to manage your TMCH records to benefit from alerts upon registrations of your domains by a third party, and to register domains during the priority period.


Adopt Domainarium! Our domain name management tool is intuitive and efficient: register a domain name reproducing your trademark before the general availability of new gTLDs.

Identification of abusive registrations

IP Twins created Detective to identify identical or similar domain name registrations, even in the new gTLDs.

.brand solutions


IP Twins can conduct a full study as to the feasibility of your .brand pursuant to ICANN requirements, and in relation to third-party rights, geographical protection and pre-existing TLDs.

Application phase

We will work with you throughout the entire application process: from the drafting of all documents to the definition of your internal policy. We will assist you when the application is filed and during the review process at ICANN.

Delegation and use

IP Twins is the exclusive registrar of the most active .brand TLD. Rely on our expertise and our Domainarium platform to manage your .brand domains portfolio.



Download our .brand brochure here and contact us to apply for your own top-level domain.

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