Press Review on Counterfeiting (January 2019)

Azerbaijan Azerbaijan plans to strengthen the fight against counterfeit dairy products (trend.az, 25 Jan. 2019). China Hong Kong Customs seized counterfeit garments with a market value of $ 2.5 million after a week-long operation (Champion, Tommy Hilfiger, and Stussy). Nine people were arrested (insideretail.hk, 11 Jan. 2019). Shanghai police dismantled a group of 36 people…


Press Review on Counterfeiting (December 2018)

Argentina FMC QUIMICA S.A. has reported having detected in Santa Fe, Córdoba and Salta counterfeit of its insecticide “Coragen” (agrofy.com.ar, 12 Dec. 2018). Australia Toyota counterfeit auto parts have been seized, including brake pads that do not meet the safety requirements. A Toyota employee said: “If you buy online and it’s not from an authorized…


China: Parliament plans stronger penalties for infringement of intellectual property rights

The Chinese parliament is considering a law that would allow punitive damages in tort cases. This long-awaited bill specifically targets infringements of intellectual property rights. If an intellectual property right is intentionally violated and the circumstances are considered “serious”, the owner of the intellectual property rights will be in a position to claim punitive damages….


Beijing launches Internet-related online court

Following the path open by the city of Hangzhou in 2017, Beijing has recently opened its first online court dedicated specifically to handle Internet-related matters. The new civil court will have jurisdiction over matters previously decided by an ordinary court of first instance: online shopping, personal data protection, copyrights, domains and service contracts for example….


Pinduoduo: Counterfeiting Hurts Investment

While it had just made a thundering entry to Nasdaq, the Chinese marketplace Pinduoduo, entered the turmoil. Pinduoduo is under scrutiny after China’s State Administration for Market Regulation (CSAMR) announced that it was investigating claims according to which Pinduoduo would sell counterfeit goods. Pinduoduo is accused of being lenient in the fight against counterfeiting. The CSAMR’s announcement…


China: the 2018 Net Sword Action

On July 16, the National Copyright Administration and the National Network Information Office, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the Ministry of Public Security jointly held the “Jianwang 2018” special action briefing in Beijing, announcing the launch of the “2018 Net Sword Action” (剑网行动). The 2018 campaign turns the spotlight on copyright infringement…


DreamWorks Animation Wins a Cybersquatting Case Against a Trademark Troll

In the field of intellectual property, a troll is an individual or a company that produces nothing but shows enough audacity to initiate proceedings to have an infringement of its alleged rights recognized. In 2014, the Troll producer won a UDRP case concerning two domain names: orientaldreamworks.com and shanghaidreamworks.com (D2014-0171, Dreamworks Animation LLC v. Hongyun…