Trademarks and domain names: it’s hard to be an acronym trademark!

At the conclusion of the WIPO D2019-0263 case, the panelist rejected the request from Groupement des cartes bancaires to obtain the transfer of the domain name cb.markets (WIPO, D2019-0263, Grouping Bank Cards v. Domain Administrator, Coinbase, Inc., April 2, 2019, denied). It is essentially on the ground of the criterion relating to the right or…


Unifab’s contribution to the list of the most notorious “counterfeit spots”

Every year, the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) collects a list of the most notorious online and physical counterfeit spots that are outside US borders. (Special 301 Out-of-Cycle Review of Notorious Markets). For example, the 2017 report mentions, inter alia, the following marketplaces: DHGhate.com (China), Indiamart.com (India), Taobao.com (China), Vkontakte.com (Russia), and…


Press Review on Counterfeiting (September 2018)

Canada, Ontario A several-month investigation led Canadian authorities in June 2018 to make large seizure at the famous Pacific Mall in Markham, north of Toronto. Representative of the Canadian authorities traveled to New York to meet with trademarks owners, including Adidas, Chanel, and Cartier. After analysis, it was confirmed that the goods seized were counterfeit….


What to Do With Domain Names Such as starbucksnestle.com and starbucks-nestle.com?

The announcement of a commercial partnership between Nestlé (nestle.com, May 7, 2018) and Starbucks (starbucks.com, August 28, 2018) led to cybersquatting cases. Many domain names combining the “nestle” and “starbucks” trademarks were registered. DRP proceedings were initiated, including the D2018-1183 procedure undertaken by the Nestlé Products Corporation against a US citizen who had registered two…


Cybersquatting: an Extortion Attempt for 95,000 GBP!

The Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banking Group’s Forex branch had just filed its trademark application with the U.K. Intellectual Property Office for its CYBFX brand only later find out that the domain name <cybfx.co.uk> had already been registered by a cybersquatter. Upon further investigation, the bank discovered that the domain name was registered by an Eric…