Press review on Counterfeiting (November 2018)

Algeria The General Directorate of Algerian Customs said that in 2017, more than 700,000 counterfeit glasses were seized nationwide. Mr. Kamel Kadi, head of the office in charge of the fight against counterfeiting Algerian Customs, regrets that some importers resort to methods “that may outsmart customs officers” (Aps.dz, 15 nov. 2018). Cambodia At the “Combatting…


Louis Vuitton Combats Online Counterfeiting Before a Florida Court

Louis Vuitton is suing 23 natural and legal persons in Florida for various infringements of its trademarks (Case 0: 18-cv-62354-CMA). Not less than 120 domain names and websites are concerned. Some domain names reproduce Louis Vuitton trademarks (eg louisvuittonbag.site, uslouisvuitton.co, prezzi-lvborse.org), while others include a term indicating the likely presence of counterfeits (eg: aaaimitationbags.com, fashionfakeseason.com,…


Counterfeit and “Parasitism”: the All Blacks Tackled French Companies

New Zealand Rugby Union (NZRU) is the institution responsible for managing Rugby in New Zealand. It “ensures the operation and development of the national rugby team known as ‘All Blacks’ and conducts an active merchandising policy around the world to obtain the financial revenues necessary for the development of its activity“. It owns a semi-figurative…


Press Review on Counterfeiting (September 2018)

Canada, Ontario A several-month investigation led Canadian authorities in June 2018 to make large seizure at the famous Pacific Mall in Markham, north of Toronto. Representative of the Canadian authorities traveled to New York to meet with trademarks owners, including Adidas, Chanel, and Cartier. After analysis, it was confirmed that the goods seized were counterfeit….


Press Review on Counterfeiting (August 2018)

Dubai In the first half of 2018, Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) closed 4,879 social media accounts and 30 websites involved in the sale of counterfeit goods. This initiative is part of the efforts of the Dubai authorities to participate in the protection of trademarks (Golfnews.com, 5 August 2018). Borneo Ministry of Domestic Trade…


Pinduoduo: Counterfeiting Hurts Investment

While it had just made a thundering entry to Nasdaq, the Chinese marketplace Pinduoduo, entered the turmoil. Pinduoduo is under scrutiny after China’s State Administration for Market Regulation (CSAMR) announced that it was investigating claims according to which Pinduoduo would sell counterfeit goods. Pinduoduo is accused of being lenient in the fight against counterfeiting. The CSAMR’s announcement…


China: the 2018 Net Sword Action

On July 16, the National Copyright Administration and the National Network Information Office, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the Ministry of Public Security jointly held the “Jianwang 2018” special action briefing in Beijing, announcing the launch of the “2018 Net Sword Action” (剑网行动). The 2018 campaign turns the spotlight on copyright infringement…


Harley-Davidson wins 19.2 Million in Statutory Damages Against SunFrog

SunFrog Corporation has been ordered, for trademark infringement, to pay Harley Davidson nearly $ 20 million (HD USA, LLC and Harley Davidson Motor Company Group, LLC, v. SunFrog, LLC, No. 17-CV -711-JPS, US District Court Eastern District of Wisconsin). SunFrog is a marketplace that provides its users with creative tools to produce graphics to be…


United States: Prison for Selling Counterfeit Nike Shoes

In Oregon, USA, a man was sentenced to four months in prison followed by three years supervised release for counterfeiting and money laundering. According to the US Department of Justice (DoJ, April 4, 2018), counterfeit Nike brand shoes were offered for sale on Instagram, eBay, and Shopify. The evidence shows that in two years the…


Slap on the Wrist for Canada Drugs after Importing $78M USD of Fake Cancer Drugs

Canadian online pharmacy, Canada Drugs, is looking at $34 million US in fines for the importation of counterfeit and unapproved cancer medicine and other illegal pharmaceuticals sold through their many online subsidiaries. According to US prosecutors, Canada Drugs has profited at least $78 million US via illegal imports originating from Canada and the rest of…