WIPO domain name proceedings statistics for 2019: 26% of defendants are American

As every year, the World Intellectual Property Organization delivered statistics for the past year. International deposits of patents, brands, designs and models, but also the number of procedures handled by the Arbitration and Mediation Center, including those relating to domain names (for last year’s statistics, see iptwins.com,2019-03-15).

In 2019, the number of DRP-type procedures continued to grow: 3,693 in 2019, compared to 3,447 in 2018 (ompi.int, 2020-04-07).

Source : OMPI.INT, 7 avril 2019

Source : OMPI.INT, 7 avril 2019

In 2018, the total number of domain names decreased, while in 2019, it increased again. Not surprisingly, .COM appears in a very large majority of procedures (76.9%). Among the new gTLDs, .ONLINE (64 domain names), .XYZ (49), .WIN (48), .CLUB (34), .TOP (31), .APP (31) and .SITE (31) are the most represented.

As for the geographical distribution, the complainants are mainly from the following countries:

  1. United States ;
  2. France ;
  3. UK ;
  4. Swiss ; and
  5. Germany.

Finally, the countries in which defendants most often declared their postal addresses are:

  1. United States (+ 14.2%, with 958 cases, which means that 26% of the defendants are located in the United States; there was already an increase of 10.8% last year);
  2. China (-4.5%, with 445 cases, which means that 12% of the defendants are located in China; a downward trend which is confirmed compared to last year);
  3. The United Kingdom (-12.1%, with 189 cases);
  4. France (-1.7%, with 177 cases);
  5. Panama (which jumped 106.2%, with 134 cases).
  6. This year, WIPO does not deliver the complaint success rate.

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