Press review on counterfeiting (November 2019)

IP Twins' monthly press review on counterfeiting

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1. Cambodian police have destroyed several thousand bottles of fake Penfold and other alcoholic beverages. thenewdaily.com.au, 2019-11.

2. In Phnom Penh, three people were arrested as part of an anti-counterfeiting operation. phnompenhpost.com, 2019-11.


3. Three men were arrested as part of an operation to combat the counterfeiting of alcoholic beverages. Agencecamerounpresse.com, 2019-11.


4. There are counterfeit winter tires. TVAnouvelles.ca, 2019-11.


5. China and the European Union sign an agreement to protect products with a specific geographical origin. Objective: fight against counterfeiting. – fortune.com, 2019-11Lesechos.fr, 2019-11.

6. The manufacturer of Foreo cosmetics has obtained a favorable and encouraging decision before the Chinese courts. Mr. Filip Sedic, founder of Foreo, said, “Although this judgment is a great victory for Foreo, it is important to note that Chinese courts are leading the war on counterfeiting and that it works. We are truly grateful for the great support provided by the Chinese legal system, not only in Shanghai and this case exclusively, but throughout China where the legal system supports change”. beautypackaging.com, 2019-11cosmeticsdesign-europe.com, 2019-11cosmeticsbusiness.com, 2019-11.

7. Huangpu Customs in Guangdong Province seized more than one million counterfeit integrated circuits. Xinhuanet.com, 2019-11.

8. Five members of a group that sold Nike, Ralph Lauren and Louis Vuitton counterfeit goods online to foreign buyers were fined and sentenced to five years’ imprisonment by Intermediate People’s Court No. 3. Shanghai. – shine.cn, 2019-11.

9. A TV documentary on counterfeiting in Yiwu (in French). – TF1.FR, 2019-11.


10. Authorities in the United Arab Emirates seized and destroyed a total of 26 million dirhams of fake Toyota spare parts during a number of raids in 2019 in Dubai and Sharjah. gulfnews.com, 2019-11.

European Union

11. China and the European Union sign an agreement to protect products with a specific geographical origin. Objective: fight against counterfeiting. – fortune.com, 2019-11Lesechos.fr, 2019-11.


12. The government intends to take e-commerce platforms to account for their responsibilities, including those arising from counterfeiting. qz.com, 2019-11.

13. Alcoholic beverages and consumer goods are among the sectors most affected by counterfeiting. – outlookindia.com, 2019-11 fnbnews.com, 2019-11.


14. During a vehicle check, Vauvert’s gendarmes discovered a loot consisting of counterfeit cigarettes and weapons. Francetvinfo.fr, 2019-11.

15. An investigation conducted by the Lunel gendarmerie has uncovered clothing and perfumes counterfeit. Ladepeche.fr, 2019-11.

16. A journalistic report on counterfeiting in the food industry. Coulisses-tv.fr, 2019-11.


17. The Commercial Chamber of the Supreme Court has authorized Adidas to destroy 1380 pairs of counterfeit shoes. The importer was sentenced to less than 7,000 euros. Defimedia.info, 2019-11.

South Africa

18. Seizure of counterfeit goods in Port Elizabeth. – news24.com, 2019-11heraldlive.co.za, 2019-11.

United Kingdom

19. Twenty-two police officers from Greater Manchester have been placed under tight control following a “serious allegation” concerning the treatment of counterfeit goods by agents. An investigation is underway. Bbc.com, 2019-11Manchestereveningnews.co.uk, 2019-11.

20. Police seized £ 100,000 worth of cigarettes and tobacco after high-profile raids against Hartlepool companies. Hartlepoolmail.co.uk, 2019-11.

United States

21. Nike withdraws its products from Amazon. In 2017, Nike had an agreement to directly wholesale its products, as part of a direct relationship with Amazon, to benefit from strengthened anti-counterfeiting protections. In all likelihood, the results were disappointing.- wsj.com, 2019-11. Sourcingjournal.com, 2019-11.

22. An investigation by the CNBC chain claims that The RealReal sold counterfeits. – morningbrew.com, 2019-11 – morningbrew.com, 2019-11thefashionlaw.com, 2019-11. –businessoffashion.com, 2019-11 – jckonline.com, 2019-11cnn.com, 20191-11.

23. In Los Angeles, a major distributor was arrested for counterfeit of jewelry products. Counterfeit jewelry did not meet safety standards for lead and cadmium levels. Among the brands involved: Hermès, Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Rolex, Michael Kors, Cartier, Tiffany Co., YSL, Dior, Calvin Klein, Guess, Van Cleef and Bvlgari. – ktla.com, 2019-11instoremag.com, 2019-11.

24. As Christmas approaches, the Los Angeles City Attorney warns against counterfeit goods. – losangeles.cbslocal.com, 2019-11.

25. Customs and Border Protection officers in Philadelphia seized counterfeit American football rings. – foxnews.com, 2019-11.

26. In California, authorities seized counterfeit airbags (bearing the Honda trademark). – sandiegouniontribune.com, 2019-11mercurynews.com, 2019-11sandiegounjontribune.com, 2019-11.

27. Philadelphia Customs and Border Protection officers seized 20,000 counterfeit ORAL B toothbrushes. – wtsp.com, 2019-11.

28. The Electrolux group has been able to ban the import of counterfeit water filters on the basis of section 337 of the 1930 Customs Act. If the customs authorities find a violation of section 337, they may issue (1) an exclusion order prohibiting the importation of counterfeit goods and / or (2) a prohibition order for the sale and distribution of counterfeit goods. In this case, the customs authorities published a “general exclusion order”. – prnewswire.com, 2019-11. – apnews.com, 2019-11.

29. The FBI has dismantled a network of counterfeits focused on fake iPhones and iPads. The defendants had imported more than 10,000 counterfeit devices from China. They then exchanged counterfeits for real iPhones and iPads in US stores. Defendants face up to 20 years in prison and over $ 12 million in fines. – justice.gov, 2019-11.

30. US Customs and Border Protection officers seized counterfeits at Washington Dulles International Airport: air cargo consisting of 2,601 purses, and 459 handbags (Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior, Prada and Hermès), arrived in 18 boxes from China. The shipment was destined for an address in Flushing, New York. – cbp.gov, 2019-11loudountimes.com, 2019-11.

31. According to a survey of 1,000 American parents led by Wakefield Research for The Toy Association, one in three parents believe that counterfeit toys are not sold in major online marketplaces. prnewswire.com, 2019-11.

32. Authorities in New Orleans, who had launched a massive campaign against counterfeiting, announced their results. The authorities stress in particular the presence of toys containing lead. Wgno.com, 2019-11.

33. At the International Falls port, customs and border protection officers intercepted counterfeit watches in a rail container. – ifallsjournal.com, 2019-11securingindustry.com, 2019-11.

34. In California, the owner of a toy import business is accused of having manufactured and held a very large volume of counterfeit goods (stuffed toys, backpacks and playing cards). Among the brands involved: Pokemon, Hello Kitty, Angry Birds, Lego Ninjago, JanSport, Shopkins and Super Mario. – pasadenastarnews.com, 2019-11.

35. In Ohio, Cincinnati customs officers seized counterfeit Botox boxes. – securingindustry.com, 2019-11,

36. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) alert on counterfeit fire extinguishers. ul.com, 2019-11.

37. An example of buying a handbag counterfeit on the Wanelo platform. – wsmv.com, 2019-11.

38. A man was sentenced to eight years in prison including two for selling counterfeit goods. – msbusiness.com, 2019-11.

39. In Missouri, customs officers in the Saint-Louis region seized approximately 2,400 counterfeit Juul vaping cartridges. The goods came from Hong Kong. – stltoday.com, 2019-11.

40. In New Orleans, the authorities announced the results of a one-month intellectual property rights enforcement exercise. More than 33,000 items were seized. – ice.gov, 2019-11.

41. In the state of Kentucky, authorities seized 164 packages of counterfeit goods during the three-month period preceding the Black Friday weekend (especially jewelery, shoes and bags). – illicit-trade.com, 2019-11.

42. In Arkansas, many counterfeit goods were seized during a one-month operation for the city of Little Rock alone. kark.com, 2019-11.

43. World

In its report on transparency for the first half of 2019, Facebook claims to have removed 462,400 counterfeit goods on Facebook and 359,000 on Instagram. – digitalinformationworld.com, 2019-11.

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