Domain Names: the top level domains of the fashion industry

Fashion brands are often made up of family names (especially older brands) or common names. In both cases, the make-up of the brand means that the company that owns it necessarily face limits as part of their portfolio management strategy for domain names, either in terms of communication or for the purpose of the defense of the brand in question.

The value of a brand or brand portfolio depends on a list of various parameters. The number and relevance of domain names that are identical to the brand can be considered as the main parameter of brand value as they contribute to the visibility of the brand. Historically, the value of a domain name was closely linked to the scarcity of the offer, the number of top level domains (TLDs) being limited. The liberalization of TLD market, which allowed their multiplication, slightly altered this paradigm but did not overturned the situation. Indeed, from brand owners point of view, the domain name supply is not much more bloated than it was before, since the new TLDs, for the most part, target a sector of particular activity.

However, in the fashion sector, it must be recognized that the domain name supply is becoming abundant. Without pretending to be exhaustive, we can cite the following extensions: .BABY, .BLACKFRIDAY, BOUTIQUE or. 商店 (in Chinese), . ス ト ア (in Japanese), .店 (which means “online store in Chinese) and also .بازار (in Persian), .BUY, .CLOTHING, .CHRISTMAS, .COMPANY, .KIDS or .дети (in Russian), the inevitable .FASHION and .时尚 (in Chinese), and also .ファッション (in Japanese), .JEWELRY, .LUXE, .LUXURY, .NIKE, .PROMO, .SHOES, .SHOP, .SHOPPING, .SILK, .SURF, .WATCH, and even .ART and .LOVE.

In addition to the specialized TLDs, it is essential to include in a portfolio the geographical TLDs corresponding to the existing and future implementations of the brand, keeping in mind the ccTLDs of course but also the regional TLDs (.AFRICA, .ASIA , .EU) and the cityTLDs, ever more numerous: .BARCELONA, .BERLIN, .BOSTON, .BRUSSELS, .BUDAPEST, .DUBAI, HELSINKI, .ISTANBUL, .JOBURG, .KOELN, .KYOTO, .LONDON,. MADRID, .MELBOURNE, .MIAMI, .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА, .NAGOYA, .OKINAWA, .OSAKA, .PARIS, .QUEBEC,. STOCKHOLM, .SYDNEY, .TAIPEI, .TOKYO, ابوظبي (Abu Dhabi), .WIEN, or. 世界 (in Chinese), .YOKOHAMA, .ZUERICH.

In any case, it is advised to pay particular attention to the TLDs available in the local language, that of the consumer.

Finally, brand owners also have the possibility of acquiring their own TLD (eg: ATHLETA, .CALVINKLEIN, .CARTIER, .CHANEL, .CHLOE, .GUCCI, .HERMES, .LANCOME, .MANGO, .MONTBLANC, .OLDNAVY, .OMEGA .PIAGET, .SWATCH, .TIFFANY, .BANANAREPUBLIC).

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