Press review on counterfeiting (July 2019)

IP Twins' monthly press review on counterfeiting

IP Twins



1. Bahraini health regulators strengthen control over the online sale of unlicensed medical products such as counterfeit medicines and fake devices – gdnonline.com, 2019-07-30.


2. Seizure of counterfeit hygiene products that areparticularly dangerous for health. – cameroon-tribune.cm, 2019-07-31linitiative.ca, 2019-07-30.

3. Prometal Steelworks alerts on the counterfeiting of its products. – ecomatin.net, 2019-07.


4. Local authorities in Guangdong Province are considering improving judicial procedures to make the fight against counterfeiting fairer and more effective. – ycwb.com/2019-07-24.

Dominican Republic

5. The FBI and local authorities are investigating unexplained deaths that may be caused by counterfeit alcohols. – undark.org, 2019-07-09.


6. In Paris, police agents dismantled a network of criminals who exploited immigrants to resell counterfeit goods. – lepoint.fr, 2019-07-18.

7. On the occasion of the launch of an awareness campaign against counterfeiting, the director general of Unifab, Delphine Sarfati-Sobreira, recalled a few facts, including the following ones: 7 billion euros lost to the French economy; there are more and more counterfeits because of the Internet; all sectors are concerned. Unifab President Christian Peugeot recalls that “more than 4 billion people around the world have access to the Internet where there is an unlimited supply of products of all kinds”. On the occasion of the launch of this campaign, the authorities organized an operation to destroy counterfeit goods. The French Minister of Budget was attended the event – francetvinfo.fr, 2019-07-15; cnews.fr, 2019-07-15; francebleu.fr, 2019-07-15 ; Capital.fr, 2019-07-15 ; carnetsduluxe.com, 2019-07-23; usinenouvelle.com, 2019-07-18.

8. In Vendée, 5700 counterfeit goods were seized. Violations of labor legislation have also been noted. – ouest-france.fr, 2019-07-20.

9. A test to evaluate counterfeit storage cards (especially for cameras) reveals much lower capabilities, including in terms of capacity. – lesnumeriques.com, 2019-07.

10. 130 cuddly toys and counterfeit toys (Peppa Pig and Pat Patrouille brands) were seized by the customs officers on the Wissant market. – lavoixdunord.fr, 2019-07-17.

11. A man who sold counterfeit goods (Nike, Asics, Lacoste, Gucci, Armani, Ellesse, Adidas, George V) via Snapshat was arrested. The stock was destroyed by decision of the prosecutor. – leparisien.fr, 2019-07-18.

Hong Kong

12. The customs authorities seized 76 boxes of vaccines alleged to be counterfeit medicines. The director of Harmony Medical Care, was arrested. – yahoo.com, 2019-07-12.

13. Seizure of counterfeit goods (cosmetics market). 6,400 counterfeit goods were placed out of the circuits. 13 people were arrested, including five directors, one shop owner and six vendors. – cosmeticsdesign-asia.com, 2019-07-22.


14. Viacom18 Media Pvt. Ltd. joined forces with the Mumbai police to raid companies specializing in the trade in counterfeit goods of its brand Peppa Pig. – exchange4media.com, 2019-07.

15. In the last three years, Honda’s IPR team has seized 94,000 counterfeit spare parts worth Rs.200 million in India. –autocarindia.com, 2019-07-30timesnownews.comindiatimes.com, 2019-07-30.


16. The National Police has arrested the director of the pharmaceutical company PT Jasa Karunia Investindo (JKI) about the alleged distribution of potentially fatal counterfeit medicines. – thejakartapost.com, 2019-07-24.


17. The French and Italian police have joined forces in an anti-counterfeiting operation at the border in Ventimiglia. – Nicematin.fr, 2019-07-31.


18. A shop owner was arrested following the seizure of counterfeit goods in downtown Kingston (Gucci, Fendi, Tommy Hilfiger brands). – rjrnewsonline.com, 2019-07-04.


19. Seizure of counterfeit or substandard medicines in several local pharmacies. – liberianobserver.com, 2019-07-04.


20. Officials from the Intellectual Property Division of the Customs Department seized 110,172 counterfeit items in four containers at Maltaport Freeport (perfume and cosmetics brands, including empty bottles). – newsbook.com.mt, 2019-07-30timesofmalta.com, 2019-07-30.


21. The parliament has passed a law aimed at combating counterfeiting more effectively. – defimedia.info, 2019-07-30.


22. The Ministry of Commerce and Industry urges traders not to sell counterfeit goods in the markets of the Sultanate. – timesofoman.com, 2019-07-27.


23. The Customs Office seized various counterfeit goods, mainly bags and cosmetics, from several storage facilities in Binondo, Manila. The counterfeit goods were Nike, Emporio Armani, Hello Kitty, Swissgear, Iron Man, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Anello, Columbia, Gucci, Chanel and Prada. – news.mb.com.ph.

24. Health authorities in the Philippines have issued a warning regarding a counterfeit vaccine. – fda.gov.ph, 2019-07-02outbreaknewstoday.com, 2019-07-04.


25. Polish customs officers intercepted counterfeit refrigerators (owned by Honeywell) in the port of Gdynia, near the town of Gdansk. – securingindustry.com, 2019-07-30.


26. Six persons were arrested for the sale of counterfeit goods (clothing and luxury accessories) during searches at Far East Plaza. – channelnewsasia.com, 2019-07-10.

South Africa

27. In Cape Town, seizure of counterfeit goods in the port of Ngqura, on the outskirts of Port Elizabeth (Tommy Hilfiger, Gucci, Smooth, Swiss Gear, etc.). – algoafm.co.za, 2019-07-03.

28. Three traders were arrested for hiring illegal immigrants for counterfeiting activities. – rekordeast.co.za, 2019-07-25.


29. In Lloret-de-Mar, 15 people were arrested during the dismantling of a network of counterfeiters.- lindependant.fr, 2019-07-22; elperiodico.com, 2019-07-22.

30. In Gran Canaria, nearly 200,000 electronic articles and counterfeit fashion products were seized. Seven people were arrested. – yabiladi.com, 2019-07-15; cope.es, 2019-07-09.

40. In Badalona, the Civil Guard a thousand counterfeit leather goods bearing Chanel trademarks. – cope.es, 2019-07-08.

United Kingdom

41. A merchant in Leamington Spa who had sold counterfeit electrical products, which proved to be dangerous, was sentenced to 12 months suspended sentence and 280 hours of community service. He is also prohibited from holding a business for five years. Counterfeit goods (particularly phone and tablet chargers) had been imported from China. – coventrytelegraph.net, 2019-07-25.

United States

42. A Chinese national living in the United States on a student visa was sentenced to 37 months’ imprisonment followed by a one year probation order for fraud and counterfeit of Apple products. Justice.gov, 2019-07-30.

43. In Texas, two people are accused of selling counterfeit items (phone cases) at the Austin flea market. – Kxan.com, 2019-0730.

44. In San Francisco Bay, the authorities seized a wide variety of counterfeit goods including drugs and auto parts. –  ippromagazine.com, 2019-07-31.

45. In Illinois, police discovered 2000 counterfeit goods (Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Burberry brands). Hedging purchases were made by the investigators. The owner of the goods has been arrested. – cbslocal.com, 2019-07-20.

46. Counterfeit electronic goods (TVs, Samsung and Apple phone chargers) worth more than $ 1 million were seized at International Falls port of entry by customs and protection officers borders – grandforksherald.com, 2019-07-23ifallsjournal.com, 2019-07-23.

47. Seizure of one hundred NFL Championship rings. – whdh.com, 2019-07-17.

48. The Philadelphia authorities seized counterfeit loudspeakers. The material came from China and was to be delivered to Los Angeles. – 6abc.com, 2019-07-12.

49. Lululemon Athletica Inc. brought a lawsuit against Ross Stores Inc. and one of its suppliers for allegedly selling counterfeit versions of its models. – Yahoo.com, 2019-07-15.

50. Counterfeit jewelry bearing Cartier brands were seized in New Orleans. –wvtm13.com, 2019-07-20 securingindustry.com, 2019-07-29.

51. US lawmakers to hear about online counterfeiting. – bloomberglaw.com, 2019-07-11.

52. NTA congratulates the US Judiciary Committee following a hearing on online counterfeiting threats. – ippromagazine.com, 2019-07-19.

53. A summary of INTA’s investigation conducted between November and December 2018 about the consumption of counterfeit goods by generation Z in the United States and China. – thefashionlaw.com, 2019-07-22.

54. A man was sentenced to 10 months imprisonment for selling counterfeit drugs for erectile dysfunction. – witn.com, 2019-07-19.


55. Amazon warns customers who have already purchased Align Probiotic nutritional supplements on its website that these supplements are most likely false and must be discarded. – consumeraffairs.com, 2019-07-22–  nutraingredients-usa.com, 2019-0722.

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