Press review on counterfeiting (June 2019)

By IP Twins



1. A summary of speeches by Djamel Brika (General Directorate of Customs) and Ahmed Tibaoui (General Directorate of the World Trade Center Algiers), on the occasion of the 5th International Symposium on Counterfeiting in Algeria. Aps.dz, 2019-06-04; elmoudjahid.com, 2019-06-25.


2. Louboutin asks the judge to prohibit Amazon to advertise and market fake Louboutin under penalty of 100,000 euros per day. Amazon defends itself by recalling its proactive cooperation and some statistics: 3 billion offers blocked in 2018 (5 billion offers per day); 1 million closed accounts; more than 150,000 blocked Louboutin deals. Lecho.be, 2019-06-06


3. In Quebec, 236 police officers carried out an operation against counterfeit drugs. Officers seized, among other illicit poducts, false Xanax pills. At least 20 people were arrested. securingindustry.com, 2019-06-11


4. Counterfeiting and piracy cost 2.5 billion kuna in sales every year in the main sectors. total-croatia-news.com, 2019-06-08.

Dominican Republic

5. Counterfeit alcoholic beverages could be the cause of the deaths of seven people. insider.com, 2019-06-14.

European Union

6. An article on counterfeit medicines countaining an interview with Catherine De Bolle, head of Europol: “Organized crime groups that produce and sell these products do not respect the level of quality required, and very often pose risks to health and safety. france24.com, 2019-06-12

European Union (Europol)

8. French police and Europol, with the support of the Belgian police, attacked members of a Russian-language organized crime group operating in the illegal cigarette trade. 15 people were arrested and 2 million cigarettes were seized. Europol.europa.eu, 2019-06-21

9. 672 people were arrested in connection with Operation OPSON VIII led by Interpol, Europol and the Co-ordinated Coalition for Combating Intellectual Property Crime, which ran from December 2018 to April 2019. 67,000 checks were made in stores, markets, airports, seaports and industrial areas. 16,000 tonnes and 33 million liters of fake food products and potentially dangerous beverages were seized. Europol.europa.eu, 2019-06-21

10. As part of Operation Silver Ax VI (which targets the illegal trade in pesticides), law enforcement officers carried out checks at major seaports, airports and land borders. Production and repackaging facilities have also been controlled in 29 countries. 550 tons of pesticides were seized. Europol.europa.eu, 2019-06-18

11. A joint investigation by law enforcement authorities in 18 countries and supported by Europol resulted in the seizure of 4.7 million counterfeit goods. 16,470 social media accounts and 3,400 websites were closed. The operation led to the arrest of more than 30 suspects and the arrest of another 110 people. The investigations are in progress. Europol.europa.eu, 2019-06-13.

12. Europol points out that most criminal activities involving counterfeiting are carried out by organized criminal networks that are increasingly professionalized. Europol.europa.eu, 2019-06-12.


13. A Consumer Council official says he has received more than 600 complaints about counterfeiting since 2014 (phones, camera batteries, etc.). securingindustry.com, 2019-06-03 ; fbcnews.com.fj, 2019-06-12.


14. A counterfeit tea producer sues counterfeiters before Mafanco Criminal Court. The prosecutor asked judges to pronounce a sentence of one year of imprisonment. guineematin.com, 2019-06-10

Hong Kong

15. Hong Kong customs officers seized print parts for phones (Apple and Samsung). The director of the company was arrested. cultofmac.com, 2019-06-20.

International (Interpol)

16. Personal care products, office supplies, tobacco, agrochemicals, electronic accessories and medical products are among the illicit goods seized during an INTERPOL transaction in North America, Central America and Canada. the Caribbean. These actions made it possible to seize nearly 746,000 products and to identify 150 people and 65 companies. interpol.int, 2019-06-18.

Ivory Coast

17. Drugs and counterfeit liqueurs were found abandoned. aip.ci, 2019-06.


18. Nelly Tuikong, founder of Pauline Cosmetics, found that its greater competition was not that of high-end international brands, but that of counterfeiting. The Pauline brand serves as an example in this beautiful article that aims to identify the many difficulties of the fight against counterfeiting in Kenya. Aljazeera.com, 2019-06-21 (partie 1)and Aljazeera.com, 2019-06-22 (partie 2).


19. Louis Vuitton to spend 40 million euros to fight against counterfeiting. valeursactuelles.com, 2019-06-27.

20. In 2017, in Agen, a customs control led to the seizure of nearly 700 counterfeit items. Previously, the merchant had received two warnings from customs. Unable to provide consistent justifications, the court sentenced the merchant to: (i) six months of suspended imprisonment; a tax fine corresponding to the value of the goods (68,908 euros); (iii) damages for the marks which had been a party to the proceedings. ladepeche.fr, 2019-06-20

21. Nice customs officers seized more than 2,000 counterfeit goods at a fair organized by a Spanish company. nicematin.com, 2019-06-18

22. Many French media have commented on the report of the EUIPO made public June 6 on the occasion of the world day against counterfeiting.

23. In Paris, a multi-month investigation into the sale of counterfeit phones led to the arrest of two people. 544 phones were seized. europe1.fr, 2019-06-22

24. In La Jonquera, at the border between France and Spain, authorities seized 1,600 counterfeit items. Since the beginning of the year, 11,200 items have been seized. The value of the goods exceeds one million euros. francebleu.fr, 2019-06-21.


25. Malaysian manufacturer Big Foot warns consumers against counterfeiting of its Himalaya Salt Sports Candy. businessinsider.sg, 2019-06-10


26. The Nepalese government has announced a reduction in sales and distribution of counterfeit goods and strengthened market surveillance. nepal24hours.com, 2019-06-01.


27. Four boxes containing vials of counterfeit anti-cancer drugs were discovered at a Dutch pharmaceutical wholesaler. The labeling has been falsified. The drug was identified using a new scanning system to search for counterfeit medicines as part of efforts to improve drug safety. dutchnews.nl, 2019-06-26.


28. About 1,600 counterfeit items were seized at Edinburgh Airport. Among the items concerned: shoes and clothing bearing the brands Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Nike, Louboutin, Burberry and Balenciaga. edinburghlive.co.uk, 2019-06-06

South Africa

29. Police officers were attacked in downtown Johannesburg after a raid to seize counterfeit goods. No  police officer was injured. timeslive.co.za, 2019-06-10.


30. Interpol confiscated more than 6,000 counterfeit goods and arrested a number of suspects. According to the director of Interpol in Uganda, the products are mainly made in China and sent to Uganda by a chain of cybercriminals well connected via the Mombasa port terminal. newvision.co.ug, 2019-06-14.

United Kingdom

31. Jack Vettriano won a legal battle against a fake gang that seeks to profit from his work. The famous painter had hired lawyers after creating a website using his name to sell fake copies of his works. thecourier.co.uk, 2019-06-06.

32. Seizure of 500 counterfeit cigarettes seized during a raid in a Winlaton home. The article recalls the health risks, but also the risks of fire because counterfeit cigarettes do not generally comply with international requirements for the reduction of inflammation. gateshead.gov.uk, 2019-06-06.

33. A study by the Scottish Universities Environmental Research Center (SUERC) is provoking a debate about the extent of counterfeiting in the whiskey sector. scotchwhisky.com, 2019-06-17.

34. The man who tried to sell a fake painting by Lucian Freud on eBay was sentenced to four months of suspended imprisonment. artsy.net, 2019-06-05.

United States

35. Amazon and Nite Ize, a US manufacturer of mobile accessories and LED-based products, have filed lawsuits against 11 individuals and commercial entities in the United States, Canada, and China, accusing them of selling fake products on the market. Online sales platform of the technology giant. geekwire.com, 2019-06-26

36. A wholesaler of clothing and goods in Brooklyn, NY, pleaded guilty in the US District Court in Providence on charges of participating in a case to sell more than $ 20 million worth of counterfeit goods in China to the US military and government. Justice.gov, 2019-06-13.

37. The Gibson luthier calls for vigilance against counterfeit products. musicradar.com, 2019-06.

38. Customs intercepted a wagon carrying 600 counterfeit loudspeakers. The goods were seized. ifallsjournal.com, 2019-06-06.

39. Lululemon Athletica Canada Inc. brought an action for infringement and unfair competition against Ross Stores and IOPA Inc. in the Northern District of California Federal District Court. reuters.com, 2019-06-21; law.com, 2019-06-20

40. Brandy Melville continues the Australian Redbubble e-commerce platform for counterfeiting in California courts. thefashionlaw.com, 2019-06-03

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