.com is the main beneficiary of errors on website adresses

A study recently published by Kyle Byers on his blog growthbadger.com compares the TLD (Top-Level-Domain) .com to a selection of 7 other TLDs (.co, .org, .us, .net, .blog, .io et .biz) on 3 main traits :

  • Trust ratings
  • Memorability
  • Times used instead of actual TLD

Let us recall some figures as an introduction. The .com has more than 150 million registered domain names, the second place being held by .net with more than 15 million registrations.

As indicated on domainnamestat.com, .com alone represent more than 43% of the total domain registrations worldwide.

Those figures speak for themselves, on a worldwide scale the .com is the most popular of the TLDs, far ahead from the rest.

One of the main inputs of the study is its highlight on an aspect where the .com really stands out compared to the other selected TLDs: the number of times used instead of actual TLD. Indeed, an URL was indicated to the persons from the study panel at the beginning of the study. After several unrelated questions, they were asked to mention this URL again. Errors on the TLD were in the favor of the .com 57 times, against 15 times for .org and 12 times for .net, respectively ranked second and third.

The bias of internet users in favor of the .com is real and the launch of hundreds of new gTLDs has yet to challenge this supremacy which, as an adverse effect, fuels the .com cybersquatting.

Even before the filing of a trademark, as early as possible for a new project, we recommend to systematically secure the .com equivalent of the contemplated name(s).

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