Press Review on Counterfeiting (January 2019)


Azerbaijan plans to strengthen the fight against counterfeit dairy products (trend.az, 25 Jan. 2019).


Hong Kong Customs seized counterfeit garments with a market value of $ 2.5 million after a week-long operation (Champion, Tommy Hilfiger, and Stussy). Nine people were arrested (insideretail.hk, 11 Jan. 2019).

Shanghai police dismantled a group of 36 people suspected of manufacturing and selling fake Dyson hair dryers. Nearly 400 finished products, more than 1,500 semi-finished products, and more than 200,000 spares were seized (straitstimes.com, 7 Jan. 2019; securingindustry.com, 10 Jan. 2019).

TikTok, also known as Douyin in China, files a trademark infringement lawsuit against Baidu and Qihu for 5 million RMB in damages. TikTok claims that the two Chinese search engines direct search queries of ‘Douyin APP’ to their own short-video media app ‘Haokan Video’ instead of the genuine TikTok app (chinacourt.org).

Filipino fast-food chain ‘Jollibee’ has vowed to take legal action against a restaurant in Guangxi, China for trademark infringement after a Facebook post showing the restaurant’s ‘JoyRulBee’ logo went viral (newsinfo.inquirer.net).

Zhejiang Public Security Department announced its one-year ‘Lanjian 2019’ (translated as Blue-Sword 2019) action for a crackdown on IPR infringement and cleansing the market environment for the benefit of buyers and sellers. Zhejiang is a province in China whose economy is mainly built upon private enterprises and is also the location of the Alibaba Group headquarters (sina.com.cn).


In Saint-Denis and Villetaneuse (Geater Paris), after an investigation, the police arrested ten men suspected of forming a resale network of counterfeit goods (cigarettes, phone cards, and medicines). An investigation is in progress (leparisien.fr, 23 Jan. 2019).

At the Saint-Ouen flea market, the police discovered and seized nearly 13,000 counterfeit goods. Three people were arrested (lefigaro.fr, 6 Jan. 2019).

Two men were placed in custody in Amiens after authorities discovered counterfeit shoes, clothing, perfumes, and belts: more than 200 pairs of shoes and more than 180 clothing with brands such as Nike, Adidas, Asics, UGG, Louboutin, Gucci, Hugo Boss, etc., Gucci and Louis Vuitton belts, and about sixty fragrances. The investigation is continuing (courrier-picard.fr, 8 Jan. 2019; francebleu.fr, 8 Jan. 2019).


During an operation in the city of Chhehrta, Amritsar, food security authorities seized large quantities of food products bearing the Desi Ghee brand, which were suspected of being counterfeit goods (including palm oil and butter (5dariyanews.com, 15 Jan. 2019).

For Pooja Nagdev, founder of INATUR, “In India there are a lot of challenges in wellness and beauty category. We need more laws and regulations on correct labelling and declaration of ingredients. There should strict laws to prevent sale of Counterfeit products. ” (indianretailer.com, 4 Jan. 2019).


Two Chinese nationals, who had been arrested and charged in 2017 following the seizure of suspected counterfeit goods, were released. The court dismissed the case on the grounds that there was no evidence that the items had been offered for sale to the public (jamaicaobserver.com).


Nairobi police arrested a Chinese national who had been found in possession of antiretroviral drugs suspected of being counterfeit. The man stated that he was a qualified doctor and that he ran a registered pharmaceutical company. The investigation is ongoing (nairobinews.nation.co.ke, 26 Jan. 2019).


In Kuala Lumpur, police arrested nine men and seized 553 boxes of counterfeit alcoholic beverages (dailyexpress.com.my, 22 Jan. 2019).

Northern Ireland

In Belfast, counterfeit goods were seized as part of an operation targeting paramilitary groups (belfastlive.co.uk, 30 Jan. 2019).


Two people suspected of being involved in the manufacturing of counterfeit medicines have been arrested in Karachi (arynews.tv, 23 Janv. 2019).


The customs seized 2,500 bags of counterfeit goods from warehouses in the cities of Manila and Parañaque. Many brands are concerned, including Nike, Adidas, Under Armor, Polo Ralph Lauren, Supreme, Roxy, Marvel, Hello Kitty, Billabong, Red Bull, Tsing Tao, HP, Heineken, Oakley, Champion, Tribal, Bench, Peppa Pig, Disney-Minions, Disney-Minnie Mouse, Cetaphil, Spiderman, Oneal and Jaguar (pna.gov.ph, 31 Jan. 2019).

Republic of Ireland

In front of a Dublin judge, a man pleaded guilty to selling counterfeit gymnastics items after picking up the goods on the Internet (herald.ie, 14 Jan. 2019).


Counterfeit goods bearing the Burberry and Louis Vuitton brands had been seized at Singapore customs. They came from China and had to be exported to Indonesia. Burberry and Louis Vuitton sued the carrier, Megastar Shipping. The High Court had dismissed the liability of the latter. This decision has been upheld by the Supreme Court (theonlinecitizen.com, 9 Jan. 2019).

South Korea

Korean police seized $ 900,000 worth of counterfeit iPhone accessories (appleinsider.com, 9 Jan. 2019).


Minister of Industry, Trade, and Investment Joseph Kakunda said he has begun negotiations with the Chinese government to find ways to control the entry of counterfeit goods into the Tanzanian market (ippmedia.com, 12 Jan. 2019).


Ugandan Football Federation warns the public against the counterfeit jerseys of Uganda’s Cranes national team (newvision.co.ug, 9 Jan. 2019).

United Kingdom

Two people were given custodial sentences ranging from 6 to 12 months (suspended) for selling counterfeit goods in a shop (skegnessstandard.co.uk, 18 Jan. 2019).

In Newport, a man has been imprisoned for selling counterfeit goods in a state of recidivism. Sporting goods had been spotted on Facebook. A test purchase confirmed that they were counterfeits. The investigations revealed 435 pairs of Nike shoes, 26 Nike t-shirts, 52 Nike tracksuits, 9 North Face tracksuits, and 30 Lacoste tracksuits. Based on the advertised prices on his Facebook pages, the defendant would have earned £ 18,760 if he had managed to sell the goods. In the recent past, the man had been sentenced to 9 weeks’ imprisonment with a 12-month reprieve. He was sentenced to carry out this sentence, increased by 9 additional weeks, or 18 weeks of imprisonment. He may be allowed to serve only half of his sentence (southwalesargus.co.uk, 4 Jan. 2019).

After an operation called “Corrugate”, thousands of allegedly illegal cigarettes and a large amount of alleged counterfeit tobacco were discovered during a multi-agency operation across Peterborough and Cambridgeshire (peterboroughtoday.co.uk).

In Nottingham, a man was sentenced to a suspended prison sentence after pleading guilty to selling counterfeit cigarettes (westbridgfordwire.com).

Two people were sentenced for possession and sale of counterfeit cigarettes. Both pleaded guilty and were sentenced to pecuniary penalties (thenorthernecho.co.uk, 21 Jan. 2019).

United States, Florida

In a default judgment, a Florida court granted Adidas a judgment against 85 companies suspected of selling products bearing the “Adidas” brand on platforms such as Amazon.com. , Bonanza.com, eBay.com, iOffer.com and Wish.com (flarecord.com, 20 Jan. 2019).

United States, North Carolina

Two men are accused of selling counterfeit goods (featuring Adidas, Champion, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Nike, Michael Kors, and Ralph Lauren brands) at a local flea market (wbtv.com, 7 Jan. 2019).

United States, Tennessee

In Memphis, authorities arrested a man who was in possession of more than 12,000 Viagra pills and 1,000 Cialis pills (wreg.com, 17 Jan. 2019).

United States, Virginia

At Dulles Airport (near Washington DC), thousands of counterfeit items have been seized (including shoes, handbags, and belts with luxury brands) (nbcwashington.com, 30 Jan. 2019).

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