Phishing: stay alert!

No, Air France or Futuroscope do not offer free tickets via the WhatsApp phone application.
Last weekend, many users of the application have received fraudulent messages appearing to come from these companies.
The catch is the same: “Air France offers free tickets to all to celebrate his birthday” or “Futuroscope giving 5 free tickets to 500 families to celebrate its 31st birthday”.
This practice has a well-known name: phishing (or phishing in French). Phishing is used by fraudsters to obtain personal information. In practice, the victim receives a message from an address that resembles that of a trustworthy entity, clicks on a link and sends personal data such as bank details.
The fraudsters had reserved the domain name combillet.online and had created the subdomain www.futuroscope. Thus, the link sent on WhatsApp was www.futuroscope.com-billet.online. At first glance, the average internet user will not make the difference easily.
If you are an individual, there are several reflexes to have:
  • Do not have a blind trust in the name of the sender;
  • Beware of attachments;
  • Never respond to a request for confidential information; and
  • Move your mouse over the links, pay attention to the characters accented in the text as well as to the quality of the French in the text or the language practiced by your interlocutor.
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Marc-Antoine Dauphin | IP Lawyer, IP Twins

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