.be adopt a new procedure for domain name deactivation

Since the 1st of December, a new procedure has been implemented in partnership by the Belgian Registry DNS Belgium and the Federal Public Service Economy (FPS Economy). This procedure allows FPS Economy to seek the deactivation of a .be domain name used in relation to fraudulent websites or Phishing activities.

According to the procedure set forth, the owner of the concerned domain name has 15 days to respond to the deactivation. The domain name is then cancelled 6 months after its deactivation.

This new procedure, which allows expedited deactivation of domain names by reason of their content, is welcome as a new option for rights holders faced with the fraudulent use of .be domain names by third parties. Prior to this, a domain name with correct WHOIS data could only be blocked through judicial processes, in default of cooperation from the hosting provider and/or the registrar of the .be domain name.

For rights holders, the practical details of this new course of action before FPS Economy remains to be determined as the latter is the sole entity accredited by DNS Belgium to request for a domain name suspension within 24 hours.

Some ccTLDs registries provide procedures, documented or otherwise, designed for quick action against fraudulent use of domain names. To this end, some registries like DK Hostmaster would rather act against incorrect WHOIS data.

Others, like DNS Belgium, may base quick deactivation of domain names on established fraudulent use.

Our team is available to advise you regarding the enforcement of your rights online, as well as to assist you in implementing remedies that are tailored to your specific needs.