Samsung partners with Supreme imposter

On 10th December, Korean smartphone manufacturer Samsung introduced its latest device and announced a partnership with streetwear brand Supreme. Well, almost.

In reality, Samsung did not partner with world-famous Supreme NYC, but rather with a shady Italian clone, Supreme Italia. This company holds the trademark rights on SUPREME in Italy, which it registered before the American company, and did so with an extremely similar logo:

Supreme NYC recently lost a lawsuit against its Italian rival, which retained the distribution right of Supreme items in Italy, but also in China where the opening of a 7-storey shop was announced during the Samsung keynote.

Supreme NYC later denied partnering with Samsung or opening a store in Beijing.

On the other hand, its Italian clone is undoubtedly at ease with the reproduction of streetwear brands items: Boy London, Pyrex Vision Thrasher and Kith have had their brand identifiers largely used in products sold by that company, even online.

Online counterfeits of Supreme are numerous and manifold… so much so that counterfeiters now tend to copy the goods of the Italian firm rather than the original products. Our tools identified thousands of live websites reproducing the SUPREME brand, seemingly without authorization.

This story shows that brand protection, both offline and online, is paramount for a sustainable brand and consumers protection policy.

The IP Twins team are experts in online counterfeit and can help you identify actors, investigate as closely to the networks as possible, and take action to eliminate counterfeit through our bespoke solutions. Please feel free to reach out to us for any additional information.

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