Beijing launches Internet-related online court

Following the path open by the city of Hangzhou in 2017, Beijing has recently opened its first online court dedicated specifically to handle Internet-related matters.
The new civil court will have jurisdiction over matters previously decided by an ordinary court of first instance: online shopping, personal data protection, copyrights, domains and service contracts for example.
The court, open 24 hours a day through its online platform, is a first instance court in the Chinese judicial order, and has jurisdiction on the territory of the city of Beijing only.
According to local authorities, the main aim is to provide an effective and swift judicial response to damages caused online, as internet-related matters are piling up in traditional courts (+24% this year compared to 2017).
In the country where more than 900 million people have daily access to the Internet, e-commerce is a major part of the economy. Local authorities, therefore, take the matter of online offenses head-on, and a third court will open later this year I the city of Guangzhou.

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