Juul Labs Gets an Injunction Against Thirty Chinese Counterfeiters

The scale of counterfeit Juul products is alarming,” said Kevin Burns, managing director of Juul Labs. (Juul) (Juul.com, September 11, 2018). The dazzling success of this young e-cigarette maker founded in 2017 comes with a big wave of counterfeits.
To counter this, Juul collected a number of pieces of evidence and produced them before the Federal Court in the Eastern District of Virginia to obtain an injunction against thirty Chinese defendants, both individuals, and entities (Case 1:18-cv-01063-TSE-IDD). This action to stop the sale of counterfeit JUUL-brand products is based on trademark infringement and counterfeiting, false designation of origin, and trademark dilution.
In its demand, Juul explained that it came to know that online sales of products branded “JUUL” were offered at prices substantially lower than genuine JUUL products. The plaintiff added that it had methodically reviewed the offers of each defendant and had become almost certain that they were counterfeits. Finally, to avoid doubt and make a complete claim, Juul inspected the goods offered by the defendants and found them “cheap, low quality and potentially dangerouscounterfeits.
In view of the evidence submitted, the court issued an injunction order prohibiting the defendants from selling Juul-branded products. The court also froze the PayPal accounts of the entities that were selling counterfeit products.

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