Pinduoduo: Counterfeiting Hurts Investment

While it had just made a thundering entry to Nasdaq, the Chinese marketplace Pinduoduo, entered the turmoil. Pinduoduo is under scrutiny after China’s State Administration for Market Regulation (CSAMR) announced that it was investigating claims according to which Pinduoduo would sell counterfeit goods. Pinduoduo is accused of being lenient in the fight against counterfeiting.
The CSAMR’s announcement caused Pinduoduo’s stock price to lose 30% in a few days. Counterfeiting damages the reputation of marketplaces and, by the same, the confidence that investors give e-commerce companies. Before investing, make sure that the business model of the company provides the necessary measures to proactively respect intellectual property rights. U.S. law firms are investigation whether Pinduoduo misled and withheld information to public investors.
Meanwhile, Alibaba has announced that its alliance against counterfeiting program has now read from a hundred members.
IP Twins has developed a tool capable of detecting counterfeits on dozens of market platforms. We can: i) collect the evidence, ii) Send caveats; and III) eliminate counterfeits.

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IP Twins offers anti-counterfeiting monitoring services. Our Detective monitoring software identifies counterfeits online. We collect evidence and remove counterfeits from over a hundred marketplaces platforms, social networks. Should you need to complete these investigations, our team based in China can help.