New TLDs launch update

Several gTLDs will be launched in the upcoming weeks:

.COM in Hebrew: קום.

Verisign, which manages in particular the .COM and .NET top-level domains, announced the launch of .COM in Hebrew characters. The launch calendar is as follows:

  • 30/07 – 04/09: Sunrise period for TMCH records holders only
  • 05/09 – 01/10: Priority registrations for the owners of exact matches in .COM and .NET
  • 02/10 – 04/11: Landrush period, conditions to be defined
  • 05/11 : General availability without restrictions


This top-level domain managed by the National Association of Realtors based in the US will be open next week, with the following calendar:

  • 28/07 – 27/08: Sunrise period for TMCH records holders only
  • 28/09 – 26/11: Early access period reserved to affiliates of the NAR
  • 27/11: General availability without restrictions